TOPRAK İLE FİDAN 52 Episode Trailer - Watch the New Episode Trailer

 Toprak İle Fidan 52 Episode Trailer - Watch the New Episode Trailer. 51. watch the episode. Watch the last episode.

The daily series Toprak İle Fidan continues to be broadcast every weekday at 19.00 on the Star TV television channel. 51. the series aired episode 52. he will appear before the audience with his section. A separate trailer video is not being released for each episode of the series. A single promotional video is shared for each week. In addition, for those who missed the episodes of the series and those who want to watch it again, all the episodes are shared on the official YouTube channel in full and uninterrupted. The 51st edition of the beloved series, which was published on January 16, 2023. let's remember what happened in the episode.

Toprak İle Fidan 51. Episode Summary

Sapling and Burak are not around, and those in the mansion are looking for them in a hurry. Aydan takes this opportunity and starts making up lies about Fidan. Although Toprak does not believe in them, the fact that two of them are missing increases his concern. Asya has broken Mert's heart, and this situation, of course, makes Zerrin and Selma very happy.

Toprak İle Fidan 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 Episode Trailer

The Subject Of Soil And Seedlings And Their Cast

Toprak İle Fidan, which are Co-Produced by OGM and Stellar, are on Star Every Weekday at 19.00!


Toprak; He stays in a coma for 5 years after a car accident and doesn't remember anything when he wakes up. Something doesn't quite fit for the Earth, which has to accept only the things that are told to itself about its life. Her mother, Keriman, forces Toprak to marry Aidan, who she says is her fiancé. Fate reunites Fidan and Toprak, who had to Decouple from each other by an accident.


Hazal Adiyaman, Osman Aydin, Asuman Bora, Hilal Tufekci. IMPRINT PRODUCER: OGM Pictures & Stellar Production DIRECTOR: Eray Koçak and Atilla Cengiz SCREENPLAY: Ahmet Köşeoğlu, Gökçen Eroğlu, Inan Güngören, Can Özdemir, Banu Özyürek and Nur Kıymaç GENRE: Drama


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