The Camdaki Kız 65 Episode Trailer - The Camdaki Kız Series new episode trailer watch

 Watch The Camdaki Kız Episode 65 Trailer. Watch the new episode of The Camdaki Kız Series trailer.

The Camdaki Kız series continues to be watched both in Turkey and in different countries of the world. The support given to the series from social media is also quite large. The performance of the actors in each episode is appreciated by the audience.

Okay, The Camdaki Kız is 64. Has the new episode introduction been published after the new episode?

Recently, the Girl in the Glass series was 64th. the episode was published.

Thursday January 12th, the Camdaki Kız, published in the new episode of what happened, let's remember first. Let us inform you what will happen next in the new section.

The Camdaki Kız Nalan had experienced a great devastation with Feride's death in the last episode.

Camdaki Kız is 64. Episode Summary

Nalan finds it difficult to believe that Feride is dead and is in the effect of shock. Feride's funeral will be taken with the arrival of the ambulance. Nalan does not want her mother to be taken away and runs to the door accompanied by screams. They can hardly calm Nalan down. Even though he has lost Feride, he is determined to do what Feride wants for him. While the biggest support for Nalan comes from Muzo again, everyone is shocked by Feride's death. 

Hayri pushes the boundaries even more as she cannot get the answers she wants from Nalan. Nalan thinks that Hayri is almost glad that Feride died. Nalan will have no tolerance for Hayri. Metin's arrival at the Koroglu Mansion makes Hafize quite uncomfortable. Hafize will keep Metin away from Nalan upon Feride's will. Hafize, who says that he killed Feride because of Metin, fires Metin. Nalan does not want to talk or see Hayri. Hayri turns this situation into an ambition and sneaks into the mansion to see Nalan. When Sadat comes home drunk, he is caught by Sadat while looking for Hayri Nalan. 

Camdaki Kız Episode 65 Trailer

The Camdaki Kız is 65. Section 2. The trailer has been released! Love begins again! The second introduction from the new episode of The Camdaki Kız has been published!

Thursday January 12th, the Camdaki Kız, after the last episode aired on the evening of the second promotion before the new episode aroused curiosity! So what will happen in the new episode of The Camdaki Kız?

What will happen in the new episode of the Girl in the Glass series has become a matter of curiosity. Here are all the details...

No matter what Nalan does, Hayri never gives up Nalan. Although Nalan decides to completely end what happened between her and Hayri, she surrenders to him when she looks into Hayri's eyes. Dec. On the other hand, Selen, unable to control her emotions in the face of the Order, becomes close to him.

The Girl in the Glass is on Kanal D every Thursday at 20.00 with new episodes...


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