Sipahi 7 Episode Trailer - Sipahi Series New Episode Trailer Watch

 Sipahi 7 Episode Trailer has been released! Watch the Trailer for the New Episode of the Sipahi Series.

The Sipahi series continues to be broadcast on the Show TV television channel on Monday evenings at 20.00. The series that has been watched with interest recently is 6. the episode was published and received great attention. Immediately after 7. it was beginning to be wondered what would happen in the episode, and viewers were eagerly waiting for the new episode trailer to be released. Then the new episode trailer was released. So what happened in the last episode?

Sipahi 6. Episode Summary

Is the ship carrying the rocket on its way? How should Habtor's wife and daughter be saved? Where is the kidnapped daughter of the Director of Marine Enterprises? Whose name is on the card in Ivan's hand? The team has a lot of questions to solve, difficult adventures to enter. Goran, in pursuit of the red apple... gives the task of killing the engineers of the Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle and planting bombs on these vehicles to his evil tongs, Habtor. Canan contacts Turkish intelligence to rescue Jasmin and Dora. It's almost time for Ali to figure out who he is.

The team brings Habtor's wife and daughter to Turkey. Habtor is now like a pinched bomb; moreover, this bomb has dangerous bombs in its hands. Fahrettin is also on stage now. He has important tasks, he is determined to take Ezgi with him. Ali managed to gain the trust of Habtor and become the most solid man. But will he be able to save Merve from the treacherous plan? The rocket Goran is looking forward to is on the ship, but which one is it on? Goran is preparing to make a more intelligent attack than thought. And an exciting encounter awaits us in the final.

Sipahi Episode 7 Trailer

What will happen in the new episode of the Sipahi series? You can have an idea by watching the trailer video. You can also watch the episodes you missed via the official YouTube channel. Here are the details about the new episode and some scenes...


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