KARDEŞLERİM 76. Episode Trailer - Watch the New Episode Trailer

 Kardeşlerim 76. The Episode Trailer. Kardeşlerim, watch the new episode trailer. 

Kardeşlerim series continues to be watched with interest both in Turkey and in foreign countries. The success of the young actors in the cast was registered by the number of episodes reached by the series. Although there are actors who have left the series, new actors have also been added to the cast and are still being watched with interest, especially by young people. Despite being broadcast on the same day as an important series such as Gönül Dağı, the series is still in a good position in the ratings race. The support given to the Kardeşlerim series, especially on social media, is huge. 75. the episode was published last Saturday. Okay, 75. what happened in the episode? 

Kardeşlerim are 75. Episode Summary

“What pictures we kept became embers, what dreams we dreamed became dust ...” Oğulcan and Doruk look for a remedy for Tolga, who is distraught by Leyla's death, to come back to life. The favors that Ahmet does for the Eren brothers surprise Omer and Asiye. Gönül, who thinks that he has taken Orhan away, is thoroughly grudging towards Sengül, while Süsen, who continues to have problems with Sarp, comes to the point of completely Decoupling from Omar. While there are unexpected developments on the Ayla and Nebahat front, Ahmet's last move for Omar becomes the last straw for Sarp.

So What Will Happen in the New Episode?

Kardeşlerim are 76. WATCH the Episode Trailer


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