HİCRAN Watch the Last Episode - 53. Watch The Episode! Episode 54 Trailer

 Hicran Watch the Last Episode - 53. Watch The Episode! 54 Episode Trailer. The new episode trailer of the Hicran series.

Kanal D television channel continues to make a name for itself with the daily series it broadcasts. Daily series are watched both in Turkey and in different countries of the world.

Recently, the 53rd Hicran series. the episode was published. 53. those who could not watch the episode or those who wanted to watch it again started searching for the full episode of the series in search engines. Dec. We have left the tracking link in the article for you. We have also added the summary of the last episode to our article. In addition, there is a new episode trailer at the end of our article. You can also access information about what will happen in the new section through our article.

Hicran Watch The Last Episode

Emre and Yeliz go to the police station. Yeliz panics when she finds out that Soner's condition is getting better. Emre asks Hijran not to come to the mansion for a while. Hicran receives a threatening message from Soner. While Hicran misses Melek, Emre brings Melek to Hicran's house. While Pelin is going to explain the facts, Tayfun prevents her. Pelin is angry; she threatens Berkay to tell Elif the truth.

Hicran Watch The Last Episode

Hicran 54. Episode Trailer

Hicran 54. The Episode Trailer has been released! The angel stays at Hicran's house. Hicran will be very happy.

Yeliz gets angry that Melek stays at Hicran's house. Emre wanted to take Melek away from the tense environment of the mansion. Emre comes to Hicran's house and stays for dinner.

Hicran is on Kanal D every weekday at 17.00 with new episodes…

The Subject of the Hicran Series

The love of Emre, a man who has never tasted love, and Hicran, who breathes in the hope of finding her baby, whom she thought she had lost...

Hicran, not knowing that she has a daughter of her own, will find both the daughter she lost many years ago in the mansion where she came to babysit. He will also taste love. Mother-daughter, Hicran and Angel, who were separated as a result of the games played by her stepmother Keriman and Emre's mother-in-law Aliye, are reunited by the Decency of fate.

The only thing that binds Emre, who has never tasted love until now, married Maral with the pressures of his aunt Nurten, is Melek, whom he thinks is his daughter. Melek, who witnessed the death of Maral, whose mother he knew, was buried in silence as a result of the trauma he experienced. Emre's only wish is to be able to hear Angel's father saying again.

Everyone's life changes with the arrival of Hicran to the mansion. As the angel comes out of the silence in which he was buried, Emre will listen to the voice coming from the depths of her heart and will fall in love with Hicran. Of course, while fate brings together the duo of Emre and Hicran, the villains will not stand id Decently either.

Melek's grandmother, who is obsessively in love with Aliye and Emre, his fiancée Yeliz will be the biggest enemy of Emre and Hicran's love. While Aliye is looking for ways to get rid of Hicran in order to prevent her secrets from being revealed, Yeliz, who risked everything not to lose Emre, will also start making evil plans to get rid of Hicran. But no matter what they do, they will not be able to prevent Emre and Hicran from coming together.. The only winner of this war will be love…

The Names of The Actors of the Hicran Series And The Characters They Portray

Nisa Sofiya Aksongur (Melek) Elçin Zehra İrem (Hicran) Berk Bakioğlu (Emre) Yağmur Çokgenç (Yeliz) Melda Arat (Aliye) Yaşar Üzer (Süleyman) Aydan Burhan (Nedime) Özlem Sürek (Nurten) İclal Karaduman, (Keriman) Tuan Öztürk (Soner) Tolga Demircan (Ferit) Berrak Başkan (Elif) Batuhan Gülcemal (Berkay) Nadir Ersoy (Derviş) Sinan Bengier (Yaşar) Korkut Çözer (Beyto) Emel Özcan (İpek) Burak Uyanık (Burak) Mehmet Tokat (Celal) Hilal Tüfek (Zehra)


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