Emanet 505 episode trailer! Emanet watch 504 episodes

 Emanet (Legacy) 505 episode trailer! Watch the Emanet series 504 episodes. Channel 7 daily series.

Thursday January 19th, the much-loved domestic series of the screens is Emanet 505, which was published. he will appear before the audience with his episode. Pregnant with new excitements, Emanet meets its audience on Channel 7 screens every weekday at 21:15. So what will happen in the new episode of the Emanet series? The introductory trailer of the new episode of the Emanet series has been released! Here are all the details...

Emanet 505 Episode Trailer

The first job of Yaman, who lost Seher and his nephew because of the lie he told to protect his brother, and who came out of the life-and-death struggle, is to go after Seher and Yusuf. However, it will be even more difficult to reach them than you imagine. The dawn has left no trace behind. Seher, who is making great efforts to get used to the modest life she has established with Yusuf, finds Yaman in front of her at a moment she never expected. This encounter will not be easy for either of them. Because the greater the love between them, the greater the Decease that separates them. Despite all the time that has passed and the pain that separates them, what will be the Decision of Seher, who sees Yaman in front of her?

For Ali, who has left no room for anything in his life other than his profession, the only goal now is to catch criminals and bring them to justice. He brings Duygu in front of an operation that he and his team are undertaking. Duygu, who is a tough, prescriptive and strict person, is also a successful policeman. Forced to work with emotion as a result of the orders of his superiors, Ali is aware that this partnership is a harbinger of difficult days. The conflicted cooperation leads Ali and Duygu, who have started to get to know each other over time, into a different adventure. Will Duygu's arrival be the beginning of a new story for Ali, who has closed himself off to the world?

Emanet 504. Episode

504 of the Emanet sequence. for those who missed the episode or want to watch it again, we leave the viewing link here.

Emanet 504. WATCH THE Episode


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