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 Dokuz Oğuz Sons are actors of the series. The actors of the series Dokuz Oguz. The full list. All actors with pictures.

“Dokuz Oğuz”, produced by Gold Film, directed by Cem Akyoldaş and written by Süleyman Çobanoğlu, met with the audience on FOX TV. Who the actors in the cast of the series are also began to be re-investigated after the first episode. So who are the Dokuz Oğuz actors? Which actors portray which characters. Here are all the details...

Dokuz Oğuz Cast

KUBİLAY AKA - Batur Karanlık

He is the commander of the newly established “Turkish World Emergency Response Team”.

Antalya, Manavgatli Yoruk. His father died about 3-4 years ago. His mother and grandparents live in Ankara.

Batur, who also attracted attention with his intelligence in his childhood, was very successful in his lessons at school, but he caused a lot of headaches for his teachers and administrators with his misbehavior. The books of Ömer Seyfettin and Namık Kemal, which he read together with Atatürk, caused him to develop homeland and national consciousness, and he set his mind on becoming a soldier in his elementary school years.

A Turkish officer who is daredevil, brave, stubborn, reads what he knows and is especially famous for his intelligence. He can make the most unthinkable, craziest moves at the most unexpected times. The sniper is extremely good at close combat. He is blindly terrible at discipline, he is very good at acting according to his head in operations and finding a suitable cover. He likes a challenge. The scary dream of terrorists: Dark Captain! They know that if they fall into his hands, they will not survive.

Bilge Töreyeva - DENİZ IŞIN

He is of Uighur descent. Toothy, stubborn, very smart, brave, who reads what he knows, a fighter... Bilge's parents are dead. His two brothers are also being held in one of the concentration camps in China.  A mysterious character. For a long time, who he is will be the subject of discussion.

Colonel Tomris Toprak - YASEMİN KAY ALLEN

He is from Eskişehir.. About four years ago, during a trip with his 10-year-old son and his wife, their vehicle was attacked by a group of terrorists. While Tomris and his wife survived the attack with minor abrasions, his son was seriously injured and remained in intensive care for days. After this incident, although their son comes back to life, the ropes Decouple between Tomris and his wife. 

Colonel Tomris is a very smart, intelligent, quick-witted, memory-strong soldier. The staff acts with its mind. He foresees events and consequences in advance, makes his plans accordingly, is usually not mistaken, does not skip any details. His physical skills are also outstanding.

When given the task to establish the ”Turkish World Emergency Response Team", he immediately takes action and first brings Captain Batur Karanlık to the head of the team.

Brigadier General Ali Osman Bozkir - HAKAN BOYAV

Manisa, his wife is a teacher. He has two sons. One of them won the medical school this year, which made the family very happy. His younger son is in middle school. He's having puberty problems.

Ali Osman is a resilient, sensible, intelligent general. He usually follows the rules, but when it comes down to it, he can take any risk to protect his soldiers. Tomris has signed many successful operations together with the Colonel. He trusts his intuition a lot. When the Turkish World gave Tomris Albay the task to establish the Emergency Response Team, he was very confident that everything would be perfect.

Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Ercan Korkut - DAĞHAN KÜLEGEÇ

Tim's brother is single. Anatolian boy, hero, man-like man.

Sivas, Şarkışla, from the village of Sivrialan. Aşık is proud to be Veysel's peasant. Important sentences always end with Veysel's lines. His mother died 6-7 years ago, his father is farming in Sivrialan.

Ercan is a man who lives his emotions inside, hard as steel when necessary, affectionate and compassionate when necessary... Military service is a passion for him. He has wanted it since childhood...

Contracted Private Yaşar Kayaturk - KAYHAN AÇIKGÖZ

Yaşar is from Urfa, a Turkmen from Karakeçi. He didn't study after high school. He is very good with dogs because he works as a shepherd in the summer. Dec. This situation will be of great use to him in the military. When she was just a baby, her three older brothers drowned in a water canal. His mother never spoke to him again after that day. His father also died about ten years ago. He takes care of his mother. Yaşar, like Okan, decided to continue as a Contract Private when his compulsory military service was over.

Yaşar, like Okan, is selected by Captain Batur Karanık for the “Oğuz Team”.

Okan and Yaşar are two diametrically opposed characters. No matter how cool Okan is, if he is on a trend, he lives, he is so alaturka and a stranger to city life. Okan usually teaches him the way procedure. Yaşar also put the audiology section he studied in his mouth.  The smiling faces of the team.

Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Boran Delideniz - SERHAN ONAT

Çanakkaleli... He is single, his family lives in the hometown. He also has a married older sister. All her mother cared about was getting her married. And he has no intentions for now, he's a little flirtatious. He handles several girls at the same time.

He is at peace with life, confident, very intelligent, hyperactive, a very fast-moving soldier. It stands out with its speed and agility in operations. Tomris Colonel chooses him time with this feature. He was educated at Eğirdir Mountain Commando School.


Lieutenant Valiant Toygar - RAMİ NARİN

Fishy. His family lives in the hometown. His father is a teacher, his mother is a housewife, his sister is studying at high school.

The Turkish World will join the Emergency Response Team. He knows Captain Batur, admires him. They have participated in some operations together in previous years. He would be very happy to join time under the command of the Dark Captain. A reasonable, cold-blooded, knowledgeable man.

The family of his girlfriend Başak, whom Yiğit is thinking of marrying, is very rich. Yigit meets the family, but Virgo's father, in order for him to marry his daughter, conditions that he quit military service and become the head of one of the companies. Because he doesn't want his daughter to become a widow. But the Brave definitely does not agree. Military service is not just a profession for him.

Chief Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Timur Gökay - VOLKAN KESKIN

But from Amasya. About four years ago, his wife died during childbirth. Now she lives with her daughter, who is 3-4 years old, and her mother. Her mother is a kidney patient, she undergoes dialysis on certain days of the week. It also happens that Timur brings it to the headquarters because he had to take care of the child in those days. He is very fond of his daughter.

Timur is a very talented, disciplined soldier. He has participated in many operations with Captain Batur before. Captain understands what to do through the eyes of the Darkness and immediately takes action.

Contracted Private Okan Demirkir - TAYLAN MEYDAN

Okan is from Kırklareli... She has a blonde, modern image. Two-year graduate of the department of audiology. Smart, bold, brave... After his compulsory military service is over, he decides to continue as a Contract Private. One of the soldiers under the command of Captain Batur Karanlık in Van.

Captain Batur Karanık selects him to the “Oğuz Team” to be established with special powers in Ankara.

Chief Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Umay Çolpan - SAHRA ŞAŞ

The sniper of the team, his hand never trembles, his eyes are like eagles. Ankara. Single, grew up in a foster home. There he is still seeing Fatma Hanım, whom he calls ”mom". Fatma Hanım has a lot of work in Umay. Umay always encouraged him when he wanted to become a soldier.

Umay is a resilient, prudent, very talented soldier. When he takes aim, he concentrates so much that it's as if time stops, only he and his target remain in the environment.


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