ÇÖP ADAM 9. Episode Trailer - 8. Watch The Episode

 Çöp Adam 9. Episode Trailer - Watch the New Episode Trailer. 8. Watch the Episode. The Çöp Adam series trailer. The Çöp Adam trailer.

The Çöp Adam series continues to be broadcast on the Star TV television channel on Wednesday evenings at 20.00. The series attracts attention, where viewers wonder what will happen in the new episode in each episode.

Çöp Adam 8. Watch The Episode

8 recently. we left behind a different episode again in the series whose episode was broadcast. For those who cannot watch the series on the broadcast date, our summary article and 8. We have added the full episode viewing link to our article. So what happened in the previous episode, which was broadcast on January 18, 2023?

Çöp Adam 8. Episode Summary

Tamer, who is very afraid of losing Peri, proposes to Peri with a sudden decision when he finds her in the cellar again. 

Tamer tells Berrin that he wants a divorce. Berrin, who has no faith in continuing this marriage, agrees. 

When Ahu and Berrin find out that Peri is staying there for the night, doomsday breaks out at the mansion. No matter how hard he tries, Ahu, who cannot convince Berrin to stay at the mansion, puts forward conditions for divorce this time.

The Fairy, who has started to own the house, tries to make herself accepted and loved, but it will not be easy at all. 

While things are getting out of hand at the mansion, everything will get even more complicated with the arrival of a surprise guest.


Çöp Adam 9. Episode Trailer

The new episode trailer of the Çöp Adam series has also been released. You can have an idea about what will happen in the new episode by watching the trailer video. You can also watch the episodes you missed or the episodes you want to re-watch on the official YouTube channel of the Stickman series. All episodes of the series are broadcast in HD and uninterrupted via YouTube.


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