ÇÖP ADAM 8. Episode Trailer - Watch the New Episode Trailer

 Çöp Adam 8. Episode Trailer - Watch the New Episode Trailer

The Çöp Adam series continues to be broadcast on the Star TV television channel on Wednesday evenings at 20.00. The series attracts attention, where viewers wonder what will happen in the new episode in each episode. 7 recently. we left a different episode behind again in the series whose episode was broadcast. So what happened in the previous episode, which was broadcast on January 11, 2023?

Çöp Adam 7. Episode Summary

Fairy's arrival at the mansion creates a bomb effect at home. Suddenly, while everything is returning to the scene of the fire, Berrin learns in the most painful way that he was right in his suspicions about Tamer. Knowing that Peri needs protection, Tamer is thoroughly cornered, forced to watch his family fall apart with his hands tied. When all the facts come to light, Ahu becomes the one who stops and directs Berrin, who makes irreversible decisions. The steps Ahu takes in anger bring everyone one step closer to the end. With everything spiraling out of control for Tamer, he is forced to face the biggest fear of his life.

Tamer, who started struggling with life at a very young age, was tired of family problems, but Tamer managed to protect the child in him under all these difficult circumstances. He was left in a foster home by his parents, and he and his sister Mary grew up there. Tamer is now married and has a child.When the computer game he designed awakens a big boom, an American giant company becomes a partner in Tamer's company. Tamer, first of all, takes a yacht in the strait to gather his family under one roof again. The balances that Tamer is trying to establish are turned upside down the moment he meets Peri. Peri, who has come to the point of giving up her life, suddenly finds herself in Tamer's secret world.

Çöp Adam 8. Episode Trailer

The new episode trailer of the Çöp Adam series has also been released. You can have an idea about what will happen in the new episode by watching the trailer video. You can also watch the episodes you missed or the episodes you want to re-watch on the official YouTube channel of the Çöp Adam series. All episodes of the series are broadcast in HD and uninterrupted via YouTube.


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