Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı 6 Episode Trailer! 5. Watch The Episode

 Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı 6 Episode Trailer! Barbaros Hayreddin 5. Watch the Episode.

Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı continues to be published every Friday on TRT 1. A total of 5 episodes were broadcast in series 6. he will meet with the audience with his section. Okay, 5. what happened in the episode?

Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı Watch 5 Episodes

When the king of France was ill, he began to suspect that there were spies in the palace. Who is a spy? The Florentine envoy Ferrucci asks for help from Suleiman the Magnificent against the French king Charlemagne, who wants to seize his country. Kanuni Sultan Süleyman will appoint Barbaros Hayreddin for this job. Hayreddin and Aydın try to convince Sierra governor Strozzi not to give cannon in the siege. But Hayreddin is waiting for a much different surprise from Charlken's men…

The mice that caused the plague epidemic and almost killed the people in the city, Dervish is asked to find a solution…

Seyyare hatun asks Halima Hatun for help to get rid of Kemankes Pasha's insistence. What will Mia De Luna do when she learns that Barbaros has fallen into the middle of the plague in Florence? Barbaros Hayreddin and Mia De Luna, who are on their way to get plague medicine from the Dervish, are prevented by king Sarklen's men…

Will Barbaros Hayreddin and Mia De Luna be able to get out of this trap?

Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı 5 Episodes Watch Full

Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı The Last Chapter Trailer

Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı What will happen in the new chapter? Here is the final episode trailer...

Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanın Fermanı 6. Episode Trailer


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