AŞK VE UMUT Watch The Last Episode - Watch 87 Episodes! Episodes 88, 89, 90 Trailer

 Love And Hope Watch The Last Episode - Watch 87 Episodes! 88, 89, 90 Episodes Trailer.

Aşk Ve Umut Watch The Last Episode

Tuesday January 24th, 2023, the 87th edition of Aşk Ve Umut was published. in the episode, Zeynep comes across the Aegean!

Bülent has not been able to convince Zeynep to return home, and Zeynep continues to be friends at home with Arda. But this situation will be found out by someone Zeynep never expected. On the other hand, Zeynep realizes that the scholarship she thought she won is Ege's game and goes to settle accounts with him. Ege, on the other hand, secretly learns Zeynep's new address, unaware that Arda also lives in that house, repairs the things in the house and paints Zeynep's room. Zeynep will think that Arda is the one who did this. Dec. On the other hand, Naciye asks Bülent for help to investigate Selim, who is her doctor, to make sure that Handan is walking. The North, which has heard about Naciye's move, will also pursue this business. But Naciye has another plan to solve Handan's game.


Aşk Ve Umut is broadcast on Kanal D every weekday at 16.00 with new episodes. Watch the trailer for Love And Hope Episode 88! So what's going to happen on the show this week?

Aşk Ve Umut 18. Trailer Of The Week

Melis manages to get Ege!

The North is now confident that Handan will expose his lie. She looks forward to the day when she will meet Elif with longing. On the other hand, Ege sees Arda and Zeynep together. Dec. This situation also helps Melis. He seizes the opportunity to get Ege, whom he has been in love with for years. Bülent, on the other hand, is very harsh towards Ege. He sternly warns her to stay away from his daughters.

The Subject Of The Series Aşk Ve Umut

Zeynep, who has been living in a small town with her mother for years, has to live in a world where money, power and egos clash in an environment where she doesn't belong when she wins the university and comes to the big city for the first time. Zeynep, who lives as a shelter in a strong and crowded family house in Istanbul and has to lead a lonely life, nothing will be the same when she finds out that her father, whom she knows has died, is right next to her in that house. The most beautiful thing that happened to Zeynep in this painful life is love, which taught her to hope again. Despite all the impossibilities, Ege and Zeynep are unaware that the biggest obstacle in front of them will be their closest ones when they fall into the arms of a great love. Elif fell in love with Kuzey when she was just a little child, and was terribly humiliated by Handan, the daughter of the house where her mother was a maid, because of her love for Kuzey. That painful day that changed Elif's whole life is also the first day of her new life. Elif promised that day that one day she would make Kuzey fall in love with herself and that she would take revenge for that day from Handan, who stole her childhood. Now, Elif starts a life full of lies and secrets in order to keep her promise and get Kuzey, who is now Handan's lover. When Kuzey finds out about the lies Elif told her during this process and the games she played, it will not be easy for Elif to regain her love for Kuzey.

Actors Of Aşk Ve Umut

Cast: Hakan Dinçkol (Kuzey), Mine Çayıroğlu (Firdevs), Arda Esen (Bülent), Zafer Demircan (Feraye), Cemre Kurum (Elif), Gamze İğdiroğlu (Handan), Eda Elif Başlamışlı (Zeynep), Furkan Okumuş (Ege), Zeynep Melis Girşen (Melis), Serap Önder (Naciye), Özgür Tanık (Gönül),Eren Çalı (Yiğit), Aleyna Çalışır (Melodi), Oğuzhan Karbi (Arda), Aykut Ünal (Suat), Burcu Almeman (Mürvet), Duygu Keser (Yıldız)


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