AŞK VE UMUT Watch The Last Episode - Watch 86 Episodes! Episodes 87, 88, 89, 90 Trailer

 Aşk Ve Umut Watch The Last Episode - Watch 86 Episodes! Love And Hope Series 87, 88, 89, 90 Episodes Trailer.

Aşk Ve Umut Watch The Last Episode

Monday January 23, 2023, the 86th edition of Aşk Ve Umut was published. in the episode Naciye is learning the truth!

Zeynep moves in with Arda to end the tensions at home and prevent the breakup of Bülent's family. Bülent, on the other hand, is after Zeynep to return home. While keeping the fact that Zeynep lives in Arda's house a secret from everyone, it will not be difficult for Bülent to find Zeynep. The North has learned that Suat stabbed Mürüvvet in prison. Kuzey believes that the images, which he does not know what is in the content, are connected with what Suat did. Believing that Elif may be innocent, Kuzey tries to gather information about Suat. Suat's reaction to this will be very harsh. After the argument between Suat and Kuzey, Handan thinks that he will lose Kuzey, while Kuzey will ask Elif to tell everything she knows. Dec. Naciye, who has a great doubt that Handan is walking, will see a proof that will strengthen her doubts with her eyes.


Aşk Ve Umut is broadcast on Kanal D every weekday at 16.00 with new episodes. Watch the trailer for Aşk Ve Umut Episode 87! So what will happen in the series this week?

Aşk Ve Umut 19. Trailer Of The Week

Melis manages to get Ege!

The North is now confident that Handan will expose his lie. She looks forward to the day when she will meet Elif with longing. On the other hand, Ege sees Arda and Zeynep together. Dec. This situation also helps Melis. He seizes the opportunity to get Ege, whom he has been in love with for years. Bülent, on the other hand, is very harsh towards Ege. He sternly warns her to stay away from his daughters.


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