Alsancak TV Series Cast - TRT 1 2023 New TV Series

 Who are the Alsancak series actors? Which players are in the cast. When does the new series start?

Alsancak series is coming to 2023 to make a mark on television screens. Television channels have started broadcasting new series one by one. TRT 1, the state television channel, is in competition with private television channels in the ratings race. For this reason, he does not hesitate to publish new series. One of those series is Alsancak series. After the promotional video of the series was published, there was a great excitement among the viewers.

So who are the Alsancak series actors? Which actors are in the cast. What is the topic of the series? When will the new series start? We have put together all the details for you. Dec. Here are all the details about the new series, Alsancak series.

The series “Al Sancak”, which will be the most ambitious production of the new season with its different story, production power and magnificent cast, has been released on the set of TRT 1 screens. The filming of the series “Al Sancak”, the first presentation of which was watched by tens of millions on social media and which is a candidate to be the most ambitious production in the history of Turkish television, has started.

Al, the first frames have arrived from the starboard set.

With the start of the filming of the series Al Sancak, the first frames from the set of the series also arrived. In the frames shared with the note “The first day of the Al Sancak team on the set” via the social media accounts belonging to the series, the main actor of the series Uğur Güneş and the actors of the Al Sancak Team took part. Directed by Can Emre and written by Atilla Engin, Mehmet Ari and Selman Kılıçaslan, ‘Al Sancak' is directed by Ugur Güneş and Gülsim Ali Ilhan, while the cast of the series also includes successful names such as Idris Nebi Taşkan and Ahmet Yeniml Dec.

The most ambitious and highly anticipated “Al Sancak” series of the season will meet the audience on TRT 1 screens very soon. The Story of our Hero Mehmet The age of chaos that has begun in the world causes all countries to review their security policies. With the release of energy basins to the control of terrorist organizations, a new era is entered in which border security begins far beyond the border.

Developing strategies in accordance with changing conditions, the Turkish Armed Forces creates elite teams within the special forces that carry out point-shooting operations at home and abroad. One of these teams is the Al Sanjak Team. Alsancak Team not only destroys the threats against Turkey, but strengthens Turkey's hand in every field with its deterrence as “the dove of peace, the eagle of war”. He fights selflessly in different geographies of the world on behalf of the well-being of his country and humanity.

Al Sancak is on TRT 1 on January 19th!


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