AL SANCAK Watch 2 Episodes! 3. Episode Trailer

 Al Sancak Watch 2 Episodes! 3 Episode Trailer. Alsancak series new episode trailer. Al Sancak watch 2 episodes in one piece. Take the Al Sancak series actors. 

Al Sancak 2. he met with the audience with his section. Although only two episodes have been published yet, the series is attracting intense interest. In general, the series is appreciated and appreciated for its action scenes. With both a strong cast and an impressive script, the series has a high probability of being a long-running series.

A New Actor Has Joined the Series!

Idris Nebi Taşkan joins the cast Successful actor Idris Nebi Taşkan joins the cast of Al Sancak with the character of ‘Marine Infantry Lieutenant Aras Güneri’.

Al Sancak Watch The Last Episode Full One Piece!

So is the series being broadcast via YouTube?

2. we have some good news for those who missed the episode or want to watch it again. The repeat episodes of the series are broadcast continuously, in one piece and in HD from the official YouTube channel. There is a great support for the Al Sancak series on social media. At the time of this writing, the Al Sancak series has 102,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel.

Here is 2. the link and summary where you can watch the episode. Also 3 of the series. The episode trailer was also released. We added the trailer at the end of our article.

Al Sancak 2. Watch The Episode

Al Sancak 2. Episode Summary

Captain Ali Banazli, the commander of the Claw Team, encountered Nadia, who he thought had died during the operation, in the garage of his house. Nadia promises to reach the killers of Ali's martyred friend Attila and offers to work for the Turkish State to destroy the octopus she is connected to. Will Captain Ali accept Nadia's offer?

On the other hand, Turkey is facing a major terrorist threat. The octopus headed by Mithat is on the eve of committing a big and bloody act. They are planning to cause great chaos in the country and in the world by destroying the Turkish Stream Pipeline with a chemical-capped missile. Captain Ali and the Claw Team will get to the knowledge of this terrorist act with the documents they obtained during the island raid and will take action to prevent the octopus. What will be the fate of Süleyman, who was seriously injured in the operation? Captain Ali and the Claw Team will succeed in capturing one of the most important names of the octopus. Who will this person be?

In addition to all this, in order to eliminate the ongoing missile threat, Captain Ali will have to search for the missile together with Nadia. Will they be able to escape from the dangers they have fallen into? Will Captain Ali, with the support of Nadia, be able to find the missile and prevent the impending disaster step by step?

Get a Tracking Link Al Sancak 2. Watch The Episode Full HD One Piece

Al Sancak 3. Episode Trailer

Al Sancak Cast

Uğur Güneş

Gülsim Ali

İdris Nebi Taşkan

Ahmet Yenilmez

Gözde Türker

Ahmet Olgun Sünear

Emre Dinler

Eslem Akar

Tezhan Tezcan

Çağlar Sayın

Fatih Gühan

Ömer Faruk Aran

Rıdvan Aybars Düzey

Murat İnce

Melih Özdoğan

Sibel Aytan

Cem Kurtoğlu

Osman Soykut

Abidin Yerebakan

Tevfik Erman Kutlu

Zeynep Koltuk


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