What you should definitely do when you go to Balıkesir

 Hello, friends. When you come to Balıkesir, I am sharing with you our article What you should definitely do. 

First of all, you should definitely visit the martyrdom because Balıkesir is the Kuva-i Miliye city. Then the historical Pasha Mosque Sheriff is one of the rare buildings that should be visited. If the mosque has survived from the Ottoman period to this day with restorations, it is still open for worship as the largest and most popular mosque in the city.

Not to come to Balıkesir and not to go to the gulf, it is impossible not to set up a raki fish table in Ayvalık. They did not say in vain that raki is a fish Ayvalık. Then the legendary beach and sarimsakli beach, the Kaz Mountains, which are on the Unesco list with their exquisite visuals and a pleasant atmosphere, the port of Bandırma, which has an extraordinary harbor, and the Manyas Bird Sanctuary are among the rare places and must be seen. 

The toast of the Susurluk district and the churn ayran are epic to the tongues. By the way, going without eating the unique flavor of the city would already be a mistake in itself, you should definitely try this legendary dessert, the Sindirgi district of Balikesir and the Dursunbey district are also a complete yörük land. You should definitely go here and see the yörük tents. The natural life there will amaze you.

If we come to the center, you should visit Hasan Baba Bazaar. Although the bazaar in question is a historical bazaar, people have seen many sultans from generation to generation. The Karesi Mausoleum, the Big Clock, the Standing Grandfather's Tomb are also one of the rare structures and values that you should not go without seeing. 

Now, if you want, let's go to the center, let's see what we can do in the center, let's see what we can eat. There is a Kanaat Restaurant in the center, which dates back a long time. You can't go there without wrapping liver and eating lamb kebab. Then there is a cafe called Gazi Cafe. It's a cute place. Eating toast from the Cute aunt there, who serves on behalf of veterans and martyrs, will cause you to have an unforgettable memory. Drinking hot fresh tea from the tea January around the Pasha mosque, especially in the morning, freshly baked honey or plain milk will be legendary to drink. If you like to visit, I can recommend Ataturk park and its surroundings in the center and then next to the station. you can visit the train station and take pictures. Around the station, the train on which the Great leader Atatürk came to visit Balıkesir is still stopping there. You can see and take a picture while you're here. If you like shopping, you will find many shops where you will shop on milli güforlar street. After that, Anafartalar street can also accompany you. We can recommend the mill throat to those who want to listen to the head. You can have a good time with your lover, family, friends in this strait, you can take pictures. You can perform wedding shots, etc., or you can have a picnic if you wish. In addition, if you are curious about animals, you can visit the buffalo farms in Balıklı Village, which is 15 minutes away from the center, and you can think of yourself in Africa. While you are gone, you should definitely try the bread dessert with the special buffalo cream of the region. That's all I'm going to tell you from Balıkesir. I hope that if you come, you will do this and leave the region happy. Take very good care of yourself.


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