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 We continue to give you brutal advice. In this article, we will recommend you a brain-burning science fiction movie. 

Our film is a production called The Inception, a Cristopper Nolan film, the year of production of which is 2010. You can also write your opinions about this film in the comments section.

The Inception film is a masterpiece in which you will hesitate about the dream and reality. A film starring Leonardo Di Caprio in the title role, telling about complex events that are dreams within dreams. 

It starts with the scene where a billionaire named Saitor enters his dream. The goal here is information theft. While our heroes are meeting with Saitor at the dinner table, they embark on an adventure about information theft. Things get complicated because of the problems that Di Caprio's character has with his wife in his dreams. 

They wake up from the first layer when Cobb, who stole the information through the two-layer dream stage, convinces Saitor in a dream. Here, too, everything is revealed with the understanding that Siator is still not in a dream because the architect omitted a detail. Saitor, who understands the philosophy of the event, begins to search for the team. While Cobb is still questioning the reality with the dream, the team disintegrates after learning of their failure of the company, which is waiting for the theft of information from Saitor. The architect goes and sings to the Saitor in advance. 

Saitor sets up a new team and offers Cobb to find out if he works for him. At the end of this job, Coob's deceased wife, whose family has been torn apart by Mal, accepts the job in exchange for seeing her children. When they ask about the job, he tells the team that he wants to destroy the empire of his father, who is the son of the Fisher family, the only obstacle who sees him as a rival, who will die after a while, so Saitor wants to instill ideas. The team enters the realm of chaotic order dreams with a new architect and new supporting players. during the sleep that will last for 10 hours, they will embark on adventures where they will understand purgatory, the dream world and the dream that the new architect will create. after a different, brain-burning phenomenon in a 5-layer dream, Cobb finally confronts himself and places the idea on Fisher in the purgatory realm. 

After the death of his wife, Cobb blames himself and creates a dream realm consisting of his memories. 

This film is a work in the fantasy-science fiction genre, where there are flashbacks with amazing effects. The Inception film, which is included in the top 250 movie catalog to be watched by Imdb, will surely receive the appreciation of our science fiction-loving readers. After watching, you may even question your dreams. 

We recommend that you watch this science fiction movie at least once.


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