Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations (Brutally)

 In this article, we will tell you about various vacuum cleaners. We tried to talk about all kinds of vacuum cleaners. Some good, some bad. We realized that the most searched for word of recommendation on Google is vacuum cleaner and robot vacuum cleaner and decided to write this article by saying 'maybe we will make money from ads'. For this reason, we will give you brutal vacuum cleaner recommendations. As we blow our minds, we will extend our list by adding various brooms to our article. Maybe we can just give up and leave it at that. Whether you're ready or not, let's get started.

1 - Rowenta Second-Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, the vacuum cleaner you see in this picture is a vacuum cleaner that existed in almost one out of every five houses in Anatolia in the past. Despite this, we did not fully understand the model. Even if you are already looking for a model, you can't be sure that the model you have written in your hand is the broom in this picture. The vacuum cleaner in question is the Rowenta vacuum cleaner. It is far behind compared to the brooms on the current market, but believe me, it is beautiful in cleaning jobs. It doesn't burn much electricity. Since it is not digital, we do not actually know how much electricity it burns, but we can say that there is no good bill in the hands of those who use it. And when it breaks down, it's hard for you to work, because there are almost no parts of it. It should not be spoiled. You should not break the hose when pulling it. You need to approach him delicately. When you break it, you definitely can't get a new one. When it breaks, you need to treat it by taping the broken place. Or, because it was widely used in the past, you may have to ask someone else's deteriorating brooms for organ donation to him. Of course, the part you find is also likely to cause a discrepancy. If you find a solid one and decide to use it, know that it will spray dust from one side while you sweep it from one side. It has the potential to embarrass you. It never gives you the cleaning you want, it only takes temporary dirt. If you can't find zero, but you will be really surprised when you see the second-hand prices. The used ones of these brooms come across at extremely different prices. There are also ads on sales sites that are 60 TL and there are ads that are 450 TL. 

2 - Xiaomi Mi G10 Vertical Charging Vacuum Cleaner

With our second vacuum cleaner recommendation, we thought we'd raise the bar at once. We decided to continue our list of recommendations with the Xiamio G10 wireless charging vacuum cleaner. The broom is a great helper in cleaning every corner of the house with ease of use. When you get a zero, the box resembles a guitar case. It is a model that surprises with its structure and appearance. Inside the box there is a rich small sofa apparatus, a wall stabilizer apparatus, a carpet shooting apparatus, a medium sofa apparatus. there are 3 different power keys. 3 different keys, respectively, 1. Level 1.5 hours, 2. Level 60 minutes, 3. The level is the most powerful, it provides power for 45 minutes. the 2200 mah battery can be filled in a period of 3.5 - 4 hours. It has features such as hepa filter, dischargeable dust tank, wet and dry ground availability and parts can be washed. You can also clean your car with this broom. Since it is a compact device, it is successful in multitasking. It is a device that will make you smile with its design that can fit anywhere and make you say 'I'm glad there is'. It can be among the electrical appliances that you use the most in your home. Dec. 

To mention the negative aspects, it gives less battery operating time compared to the products of other manufacturer models. It can be preferred as a price performance product. It makes you feel the quality of Xiamion. There are also higher models. Those whose battery is higher than 3000 can also be preferred. The current g10 model is sold in the 6000 TL band in places such as Amazon, Hepsiburada, Trendyol on current shopping sites. With authorized services in metropolitan cities and other provinces, Xiamio is very popular in our country.

3 - Arnica Tesla Premium

Anica Tesla Premium is able to perform cleaning by vacuuming, eliminating the need for wiping. Due to its quality production, it does not cause any loss of performance or any problems in the workforce. 

It is not very difficult to maintain the machine. Its weight is 5.7 kilograms. And then there's the matter of coming after him. There are two rotating wheels under the machine and a fixed wheel at the back. It is not a machine with an automatic tracking system, you need to pull a little for it. 

There is also a hang-out situation. You will encounter this problem when you are going to sweep corners, door edges, narrow places in the house. There is one inter-seat apparatus. Dec. There is one parquet brush and a turbo brush that will be very useful for you. There is also a regular broom hood. This will probably be the title you use the most. Sometimes it can stick to the ground and parquet due to its strong gravitational force.

There is a filter to prevent dust from entering the engine. You need to clean your filter after each cleaning. There is also one fitre in the back part of the machine. This is a filter that holds 99% of bacteria, that is, 99% of bacteria and allergens in the air. You can also wash this. You should also clean this filter occasionally, but not at very short intervals. Decembers. However, this also needs to be checked Decently from time to time. There is also a filter behind this filter. You can also check it immediately and wash it if it is not clean. Jul. 

Let's talk a little about the operation of the machine. There is an on and off button at the top. You can open and close it with your foot. There are level up and level down buttons on both sides of it. There is also a cable winding button at the bottom. There are 4 levels when you start your machine. You can bring it to the minimum and maximum level you want. As for the sound incident, as we use it like a vacuum cleaner, the sound increases, but those who use it say that it does not increase much.

4 - Arçelik S 6255 C

The Arçelik broom you see in the picture is still working. When the pipe wears out over time, you can tape it and continue using it. He really dazzles with his warehouse. Arçelik produces really solid products. only the pipe of this broom, which has been used for 5 years, is worn out.


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