The Plot And Actors Of The Series 'Kafes' – New Indian Series 2022

 Channel 7 continues to present new Indian series on Youtube. So what is the subject of the Indian TV series called Kafes? What is Pinjara Khubsurti Ka about? When will the series have its finale?

With the digitalization of TV series, Channel 7 now continues to bring Indian series to its fans with Turkish dubbing via Youtube.

So far, Indian TV series broadcast in Turkey have been clicked thousands of times on Youtube and have become trending. On the YouTube channel of the Kafes series, at the time of writing this article, it seems that it has 11,500 subscribers.

Kafes Series Cast

August August Dec 24, 2020 – August 6, 2021 on Colors Tv in India, Pinjara Khubsurti Ka is an Indian drama-themed television series that aired in its home country of India. The series, which started to be broadcast in Turkey in September 2022 under the name Cage, started to be broadcast on its own channel via Youtube. Ravit Kumar Tyagi is the director of the series, and successful Indian actors such as Riya Sharma, Sahil Uppal, Jaya Bhattacharya, Gautam Vig, Iqbal Azad, Anindita Chatterjee, Ankush Bhaskar, Akanksha Pal, Harish Chhabra are starring in the lead roles of the series.

Kafes Indian Series - When Will Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Make the Final?

The Indian series about romance and drama has aired 250 episodes in its home country. If the channel of the series broadcasts 1 episode every day, it can be said that 250 episodes will continue in Turkey. The series will be a long-running series like many Indian series. As in the previously published Heart-to-Heart, Revenge fever series, the subject of the Cage series is also gripping.

What is the Subject of the Kafes Indian Series?

Mayura Dubey, an aspiring doctor, hates it when people love only her beauty, not her skills or achievements. Omkar Shukla, the kingpin of the marble industry, wants to marry her and puts pressure on her family to force her. They get married.

Mayura becomes friends with her brother Piyush. Later, Omkar wounds his face with marble and kills Piyush. Mayura wants revenge. Omkar chooses Aishwarya instead.

Aishwarya kidnaps Omkar and runs away. Mayura and Omkar are left hanging from a tree on the edge of the cliff after rescuing Omkar from the trunk of the car. Omkar understands Mayura's love for him and expresses his gratitude to her. He falls off a cliff and is presumed dead. Distraught, Omkar realizes his mistakes, reforms and accepts his love for Mayura. He's alive, but he's losing his memory. Six months later, Omkar calls Mayura and meets Dr., who saves and loves her. He meets Neel.

Omkar finds Mayura and her father Akhilesh begs Neel to marry her. Neel kidnaps Mayura and forces her to marry his brother Kundan. Omkar is revealed to be the groom and marries Mayura. Neel shoots him, but Omkar survives.

Mayura is pregnant and eventually gives birth to a girl named Tara. Omkar keeps him away from Mayura because Guru Maa tells him that the scar is a bad omen for the baby.

Omkar forces Mayura to undergo plastic surgery . He fakes his surgery and Omkar banishes Mayura and forbids her to see her daughter.


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