The Most Famous Places of Adana

 In this article, we will tell you about the most famous places of Adana. We will give information about Adana. We will give recommendations about the places you need to see in Adana. You can also give information about the famous places of Adana from the comments section. Thus, those who are curious can get more detailed and up-to-date information.

Where Are the Most Famous Places of Adana? 

Where is the most famous place in Adana? You have often encountered the question. Surrounded by the Mediterranean, Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers, Adana has impressive historical treasures and unique natural beauties. 

The first answer to the question of where is the most famous place in Adana is the view of the Taurus Mountains. However, not content with this, Seyhan, Ceyhan and Çukurova will follow each other in order. 

Adana has also managed to collect the most advanced tastes of Turkey with its culinary culture. The most well-known and preferred kebab, local meatballs and turnip juice are the choice of those who trust their taste buds. 

We have compiled the most famous places of Adana for you…


Seyhan, one of the central districts of Adana, is among the most populous cities in the city. Dec. It is one of the visiting points of many domestic and foreign tourists. In addition, many shopping centers, fairgrounds, amusement parks and historical sites are located here.


One of the most beautiful districts of the city with its historical and natural beauties is Çukurova. Seyhan Dam Lake is the first address of those who want to visit. In summer, it is a venue that is open for activities such as rowing races, boat trips and canoeing. You can capture wonderful photo frames with walking paths, boats and boats.


Where is the most famous place of Adana? Located at a distance of 1 hour from the center of Adana, you can see the traces of dozens of historical civilizations such as Hittite, Egyptian, Iranian, Roman, Byzantine in this district up close. It can be shown as the first address for a cultural trip.

Ziya Pasha Boulevard

This street, which was taken from the poet and journalist Ziya Pasha, an intellectual of the Tanzimat period, is one of the most important places where the heart of Adana's social life beats. You can take your evening walks here, you can do your shopping from the stores located here.


II. The Varda Bridge, which remains from the Abdulhamid period, is an impressive and extremely famous architectural structure. Adana is among the places you should visit with the Kapıkaya Konyon, which is an extremely ideal 20 km long for outdoor sports lovers, and the Yerköprü Promenade area, which will be the most visited with the cool air of the summer months. Dec.

Varda Bridge

As the Big Bridge in Karaisali district of Adana, Varda Bridge is among the most visited places among the people. Dec.Dec. Its beauty and stunning architecture are one of the favorite stopover points for photography trips and nature walks. 2.By making an agreement between Abdülhamid and the German Emperor in 1912, the steel cage and stone knitting technique were made by German engineers. Decapitation.

Natural Beauties of Adana

Seyhan is 560 km. with a length of, it is the largest stream that flows into the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, you can create a complete tourist trip atmosphere with the parks, promenades, cafes, restaurants and water parks located around it. 

Among the natural beauties of Adana, the largest park in Turkey, Merkez Park, is Decently located in this area. You will also see that it is moving on the weekend. 

You should definitely visit the Stone Bridge, which was built over the Seyhan River during the Roman period and has managed to survive for 1700 years to this time.

Where is the most famous place of Adana? 

After Seyhan, Göksu River is Decisively among the places to visit. Göksu River is very suitable for water sports because it is the strongest tributary of Seyhan. If you wish, you can also take nature walks. Because the whole nature offers you the most beautiful green valleys. 

The Göksu River, which merges with the Zamanti River, has a high flow rate. Here is the most suitable place for rafting for adrenaline lovers. In summer, due to the high temperature, the water becomes calmer. During these periods, you can also take canoe trips.


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