TEŞKİLAT Series Viewer Comments

 The Teşkilat series continues to be broadcast on the TRT 1 television channel. sondurumne.com wondering about the audience's comments gorevciyiz.com we opened a survey on his site. We followed this path to get to the real interpretations. Members of the site began to freely write their opinions about the series. Of course, since some viewers watch the reruns of the series starting from the old episodes, comments and articles about the old episodes will come. As comments come in, we will add viewer opinions to our article.

You can also express your opinions about the series by commenting in the comments section at the bottom of this article. (The names of the users are hidden. Spelling errors have been corrected)

Teşkilat Audience Comments

M*** A*****: Is the Teşkilat series broadcast from March 7, 2021 to the present to be watched? What is the subject? We will transfer all the details in this article. The Teşkilat series is being filmed in the Ankara MIT building. The series has started airing with its new season on TRT1 screens today. Although there was a loss of 6 actors from the previous season, I would say that it is still a series worth watching because there are important characters and players in the series. Although the lead actress of the series, Çağlar Ertuğrul, has left the series, the series still continues. Another actor who upset the fans of the series was the departure of Hakan Boyav, who played the character of Penitent, from the series. Almost every scene of the last season was clicked and watched millions of times on the YouTube site. The series of Teşkilat tells about the activities of terrorist organizations in the present and the past and how they were destroyed. That's why I think it was broadcast on TRT1. If you have decided to watch the Teşkilat series, one of the most important aspects will definitely be that you start from the first episode. I would say that it is more difficult to understand the series, not understanding what it is telling, than other series. I would like to say that this is another one of the rare series that you will watch with peace of mind with your family. I noticed that today's terrorist organizations are mentioned and references are made. The fact that the series touches on current issues every week makes you imagine a magazine series. Whether it's their shots, camera angles, or music, they manage to keep you on the screen even in commercials. But as I said at the beginning of the article, the departure of 6 leading actors from the series at the same time officially creates a different series atmosphere. If you have never watched it, I recommend that you start with the new season because it has created the atmosphere of being teleported to a different series. I think that the overall mission of the series is to tell the audience about the end of those who eat the bread of the state and commit treason.

İ***** T****: I recommend watching this series. It tells the adventures of a very special team within the MIT with the selection of various characteristics and the adventures of a terrorist organization called our state and the company. 2 seasons and 49 episodes in 2022-2023 and 3. It is the favorite series of TRT, which will continue with the season. The series has often mentioned his name with the cast. In the first chapters, the Company that killed the engineers in the plane crash has passed to a terrorist organization based in the Eastern Mediterranean Middle East code-named. He is a Palestinian chosen by the company, but because of the family reasons he lives, he does not pretend to be a Palestinian and is assigned by the Israeli side to manage terrorist activities on Turkey. Due to the missed information, it is decided by MIT to collect a team full of outstanding features. In order to investigate the events and country connections behind this force, this team makes efforts and adventures. 1 By addressing the family events within this team and Zaid Fadi himself. In the season, SIKH information is recovered and heavy blows are dealt to the terrorist units in the Middle East. 1 With the assassination of Zaid Fadi by the president. The season ends. our national series, which started 2 seasons like a bomb, starts with the fact that our lead character prevents the hijacking of a plane and is taken to another facility by the company. It starts here with the team rescuing him from Poland after he cannot remember himself and his team. Due to the failure of the terrorist organization named the company, Zaid Fayidi, he was replaced by Yıldırım Koral, who wanted to take revenge on the president and others of the MIT leaders for 30 years. The targets of Yıldırım Koral are the attack on the Eastern Mediterranean drilling ship, which continues to be equivalent to today's problems. When he learned that the family of a member of the team had died there, he thoroughly gave himself to this task and participated in various operations with the team with a deep sense of revenge for the company named Yıldırım Korel. 3. We are all waiting together for how the new season will be in our Teşkilat forensic series, the season of which is expected like a bomb…

İ**** G*****: The Teşkilat is a very super series. I'm looking forward to Sundays. The characters of the series do justice to the series and their roles. They give up their lives for their mission. Without questioning the orders given, they go to the most difficult tasks. The director and producer did a good job. They reflect the events happening in our country and in the world on the screen. They show those who are hostile to Turkey. May Allah have mercy on the children of the motherland who were martyred for the motherland at the beginning of their entire duty. A very nice series. I especially like the character of Zahra. The job of national intelligence is difficult. They are cleaning up the traitors inside and outside. God and get help. Even if it's a series, it's hard work. It's Sunday and I'm looking forward to the broadcast day of the Teşkilat series. They entered the new season with a bomb squad. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the production. What lives are going for the sake of a crescent moon? The series tells about people who give up their lives and family for their duties. They give up their lives so that we can sleep comfortably. The homeland will always be grateful to you. The character of Hulki is a beautiful character. His hand is heavy, but patriotism is heavier. The character of Cermet is a different beautiful. They work in difficult shooting conditions. Good luck to our artists who said goodbye to the series last season. Especially the character of Serdar. He's an analyst with a strong sense of space. He solves everything right away. It's great that he's running the operation. The team is hand and foot on the field. The actors deserve their roles. Thank you, Agency array team. It's a really strong team. Fighting is a team thing. God and get help. We are grateful to all our heroic soldiers and policemen who are martyrs and veterans. Their relics are our relics. May Allah bless you all.

Y **** C *****: The series, which is about the private life of a special team working in the National Intelligence Organization along with the business life, is closely followed by those who love Turkish TV series. 'The Teşkilat‘ shows the struggle, sacrifices and dedication of ’seven patriotic lovers' who literally went “underground” by accepting a difficult task for their country, giving up their own lives and becoming invisible in the crowds. Murat Yıldırım's entry into the series was very perfect. Every time I watch this show, I want to watch it again. The series is so great. Both the actors and the directors are giving us a very perfect Sunday evening. When it comes to homeland and land, all the players play their chest out. I will be watching the 'Teşkilat' series very fondly and very fondly from now on. I'm looking forward to Sundays. This series is exactly me, but I was very sad that the actors of last season left the series. I was watching them very fondly. Now we will watch the new players. I hope that the new players will also give us a great excitement. Me so I will tell you. I sincerely greet everyone. Entrust yourselves to God.


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