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 Phone prices have reached quite high figures today. Therefore, people think carefully before buying a phone. He makes comparisons between models and between prices. Dec.Dec. In order to inform you, we reached out directly to the real users who use the phone and asked them their opinions. In order to obtain accurate and reliable information we gave a task on the site, opened a survey and asked members to tell us about the phone they use. So you can get the right ideas without taking a phone call by looking at the real comments below. You can get information about different phone brands and models. (Comments below they are comments that members make freely. The name of the users is hidden. Spelling errors have been corrected and presented to you)

We will update our article as new phone introductions and comments come in. Here are the phone recommendations we have prepared for you. (You can also write your opinions about the phones you use in the comments section) 

1 - Xiaomi Mi Max 2 ( I***** T****)

I will tell you the features of the phone I want to recommend and use. I will be 34 years old. Up to this time, as a technology lover and technology-related individual, I have received more devices than I can count. Push-button, semi-push-button, semi-touch and touch models. The most enjoyable model I have used so far has been the Mi Max 2 model under the Xiamio brand name. 

in 2018, I provided it with zero and guaranteed.Jul. The large screen may not fit easily in your hand, but the 6.44-inch screen size gives the appearance of a tablet phone. Its main features are 4 GB of RAM, 64/128 memory, 8-core oualcomm snapdragon 625 processor, 5300 mAh 3-day outgoing battery. Yes, you heard wrong. You forget to charge it in daily use. It also makes a nice combination with Xiamion's 20000 mah powerbank. you can charge at least 3 times without looking for an outlet on your trips for close to 1 week. 

We can see that the model whose support was discontinued with Mui 11 is running current applications with android 7. On my device, which I use fondly, it supports hd 1080p broadcasts for Netflix, Amazon, Disney plus. The valley of the Wolves 1-97 episodes are great, it's a separate topic. 

The sound system on my phone is satisfactory. It provides a beautiful sound system without using external speakers. with the 4G system, the internet offers a fast experience. The touch feeling is good compared to many models. The Mui 11 android operating system provides great performance for those who are sleight of hand in terms of usage. Since the screen is over 1080p, there are moments when you can reflect your mood with the vivid colors and customizable theme feature. With a quality bluetooth ear, you can enjoy a wireless music experience. 

With a slightly large volume, this phone can cause difficulties when fitting into a pocket and trouble for you when on the move. However, this is a phone that is worth the disadvantages. It fits comfortably in my handbag, with the nir bluetooth headset, it provides comfortable use on the bus without taking it out of your pocket. 

As for the game performance, it provides great fluency at medium settings in popular games such as Pubg. with the adreno graphics processor from Qualcom, the colors are vivid and clear. With the dimensions of the screen, the game is very felt. 4 gb of ram is more than enough, the remaining 2.5 gb of operating system ram is quite enough for you and the applications you have installed. with 64 GB of memory and 128 GB of memory, which is not available much in our country, you can experience a lot of convenience of storage by installing sufficient storage and a memory card up to 512 GB. 

One-on-one for big screen lovers, but its sale has stopped in our country. I like to use 4. we're into our year. I changed the battery 1 time. If used cautiously, it is a device that will be worth your money to valuable users for many years. Good health and good advice..

2 - Reeder p13 pro Max (M****K***)

My phone is Reeder 13 pro Max. I bought this phone from a101 store and I was very scared when I bought it. After all, it's not a recognized brand, and I was afraid. The device is 128 gb, but immediately the memory fills up. After a maximum of 4 applications, the memory fills up. Facebook, Instagram, but you upload. The guide memory is also very low. He immediately says that the storage space is full. 

It has a double line feature, but when you wear two lines, his brain waters and gives an error. I do not recommend installing a double line. If you buy the device zero, the first week the touch presses hard like wood and you are afraid and say 'alas'. Don't say it. He gets used to himself and his writing becomes like oil over time. You can be comfortable with that. The touch is very nice, but don't touch the water. Let alone water, don't even touch it with a damp hand, the phone immediately contracts nonsense nonsense. You press the guide, he sends a message. You definitely need to keep the phone away from water. It is not water resistant at all. 

On the plus side, the processor is very fast. When you search for any page on the Internet, it logs in instantly. Chrome is especially great. I definitely recommend using Chrome on this phone. It's really fast and it makes the Internet use it very fast. You will not have any difficulty watching the video. He never hangs out. In a very serial way, you can set and watch the video you want at the speed you want. There is a problem with the speaker alone. The sound level may be below expectations, I would like to point it out. In other words, even if you turn on the speaker for the last time while watching a movie, you may worry that the sound is low. Unfortunately, it is missing in this regard. 

You can wait many times when you try to download something from the Play Store. He definitely doesn't download it the first time. You need to constantly reset from the settings section. Otherwise, you will have a lot of difficulty downloading the program, for your information. 

So as for the main idea, if you want to have a smartphone, but no matter how, you can use this phone, but if your expectations from a smartphone are a little too high, I definitely do not recommend this phone. It may be pleasing to the eye because it is cheap, but it is definitely not a useful phone for people who use technology very nicely. Think of it like the way a push-button phone makes you watch a video. I don't recommend. I bought it myself on time due to financial difficulties, I used it, but now I'm going to change it and buy an iPhone, because it's definitely not a phone that I recommend. I hope the information I gave was useful to you.

3 - Xioami Redmi Note 7 (M***A*****)

I have been using one of the phones that almost everyone has in our country in recent years. This phone is Xioami Redmi Note 7. Will you be receiving Xioami today? Is it a price performance product? I'll tell you all about it. 

Is Xioami Redmi Bought? 

Xioami Redmi is of course always a price performance product. Even if you buy the worst model, it will take you years. The battery does not run out easily. The charge will cover you for 1 day. If you are going to buy Xioami, I recommend that you buy it from the Note series. Note 8 and Note 7 are exactly the same in terms of features and usage and there is no difference. But the pro versions are different, both more useful and with a battery. I have been a Xioami user for 4 years, there is a problem that I have noticed on Xioami phones in general. when you use the same phone for more than 3 years, you may encounter problems such as freezing, heating. This means that the life of your battery is over, of course, although it varies from person to person from use to use, I have noticed this problem myself. 

The screen size is generally taken as the average of the phones and produced in an ideal size. it has a size of 6.3inches. I am using 4 ram 64 gb, but I would like to remind you that the same model is also 128 gb. Since I'm generally busy with visuals and videos, I don't delete images much so that the necessary files are not Decoded and deleted in between, so even though it's sourced, it's necessary that my memory is quite full and not enough. 

When we buy a phone, one of the features we need to look at will be the battery capacity. So what is the battery capacity? 

The battery capacity is the number that shows how long your phone will last to charge. The Xioami Redmi Note 7 device is a 4000 mAh device. Let's make a comparison, the newly released iPhone 14 Pro Max is 4200mAh today. This is called price performance. I can seriously say that it is a device that deserves every penny of the money you give. 

Let's also give the following information for those who play Pubg Mobile right now. i get 30fps and 20ms, I saw 45fps when I first bought the phone, but now the device gives 30fps. According to general Pubg Mobile players, this is an ideal situation, but I would not recommend this model if you are going to play professional games.


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