Places We Recommend You to Visit in Balıkesir

 In this article, we will tell you about the places you should definitely see in Balıkesir. We will list the places you need to visit in Balıkesir and give you some recommendations. 

Balıkesir has a very special place because it is the city of Kuva-yi Milliye. Balıkesir has the famous Balıkesir High School and this place has a very special and meaningful story. During the Kuva-yi Milliye war, they take the senior students of Balıkesir high school to the war and they all fight for the homeland and drink the sherbet of martyrdom there until the war ends. Unfortunately, Balıkesir High School did not graduate at all that year. Balıkesir High School has a very great importance for Balıkesir and while the name of all high schools may change, the name of Balıkesir High School never changes and is still the same. 

Let's give an important information for those who will come here for sightseeing purposes. The area of the city is very large, but the area of the center is quite small. It cannot be said that it has a center befitting metropolitan cities, but we recommend that you go to its bays. January, Ayvalik, Altinoluk, Sarimsakli, Erdek, Ocaklar are among the places to be seen. The legend is also called the hidden Paradise from the gardens. We definitely recommend that you visit these bays when you arrive and put your feet in the water on their beaches. After that, we definitely recommend that you go to Ayvalik and make a Raki fish table and stay in the tents there. From there we recommend that you have a nice breakfast at the foot of the Kaz Mountains. You should definitely not go from Balıkesir without seeing the places we have counted so far. 

When you come to Balıkesir, we recommend that you do not go until you see the Hasan Drowned river. It will definitely make more sense if you want to listen to the story of Hasan Drowned before you go, knowing what Hasan did for his love there and that's why he drowned. 

If you go from Dursunbey district to Dursunbey side, there is a restaurant called live fish there, little one. You can eat live fish there. So you show the fish, and the attendants immediately fry it vividly and present it in front of you. We really recommend it. 

In Susurluk district, you should definitely not pass without eating Turkey's famous Susurluk ayran and Susurluk toast. Höşmerim, which belongs to the region, is also very famous and is a cheese dessert. 

Höşmerim is a different flavor that you really need to taste. We definitely recommend that you taste it. 

You should not leave Balıkesir until it burns easily. Continue the recommendations...

You should definitely visit the National Forces Street and Anafartalar Street and shop there. According to the Turkish market, living in Balıkesir is cheaper than in other cities. 

If you want to settle in a nice place to enjoy your retirement, Balıkesir should definitely be among the first of these places. Because no matter where you live in Balıkesir, you can go to the city center with a minibus and you can reach the center in a 20-minute time. 

In terms of worship, there is the Zagnos Pasha Mosque, the tip of which dates back to the Ottoman Empire. Worship can still be done here. Although the mosque has been restored, it currently has a very beautiful location. We definitely recommend that you use it for worship. You really are very beautiful. If you are not a Muslim, there are churches right behind the pasha mosque. You can also go to churches and worship according to your own faith. Since Balıkesir is a modern city, such things are not uncommon. 

For student friends, Balıkesir is a challenging place. The city has problems with the distance to the schools. Some schools are reached by two minibuses.

That's all we have to say about the fish for now. We hope that the information we have provided has been sufficient and has been useful. Thank you for reading...


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