Places We Recommend You to Visit in Ankara

 In this article, we will try to tell you about Ankara, the capital of Turkey, from A to Z. We will talk about the places you need to visit in Ankara. If you fall on your way to Ankara one day, this article will give you great guidance. 

First of all, we will show you the places you can visit, of course, but before that, let's briefly summarize the history of Ankara. 

With the victory of the Seljuk ruler Alparslan in the Battle of Manzikert, which took place in 1071, the mass settlements of the Turks in Anatolia began. The Seljuks conquered Ankara in 1073, two years after the Manzikert Victory. It was later included in the Ottoman territory and is currently the capital of Turkey. 

Ankara Attractions

Turkish History Museum 

We would like to add the Turkish History Museum, which we think is the most comprehensive museum that has just opened in Etimesgut Ankara, to the first place of our list. this museum, which started its work in 2019 and opened to the public as of 2021, has managed to attract 10 thousand visitors so far. If you fall on your way to Ankara one day, we think that this is one of the museums that you should definitely visit.Entries are completely free. 

Kartaltepe Urban Forest

Keçiören is for you if you have a hobby like barbecuing in nature. Kartaltepe Urban Forest in Keçiören is one of the places where you can be intertwined with nature. It is one of the few areas where you can have a quiet barbecue with your family. Entry is free.

Bağlum Picnic Area 

Located in Keçiören, Ankara, Bağlum offers its visitors the opportunity to have a picnic in peace in nature. It is also different from other picnic areas and has a positive side. You can travel to the four corners of Ankara with your children with the landscape viewing area at Bağlum Picnic Area Center. You can enjoy hammocks and barbecues to your heart's content here. The Bağlum Picnic Area is completely free of charge. 


If you fall on your way to Ankara, of course, one of the first places to go is Anitkabir. You can visit this unique place where Atatürk's body is located. When you go on special occasions, you may encounter a busy crowd. It is completely free to enter Anitkabir. 

Although it is said that there are not many places to visit in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, there are actually many historical sites, museums and picnic areas to visit compared to many cities. But Antalya is not a city that can attract tourists as much as Bodrum, Mugla. 

In this article, if you fall on your way to Ankara one day, we have compiled the places you should definitely see first. We have given you information about the museum trip, historical museums, and picnic areas.


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