Places to Visit in Aydın - Where are the Attractions of Aydın?

 What are the tourist attractions of Aydın? The question is a question that those who are going to take a vacation with the arrival of the summer months are wondering. In this article, we will tell you about the places we recommend you to visit in Aydın. You can also recommend places to visit in Aydın from the comments section.

Aydın is a place that gives a very nice time to local and foreign tourists who come every year with its many natural beauties. From a cultural point of view, Aydın is one of the richest cities in our country. So what are the tourist attractions of Aydın?

Let's examine it.

1. Arapapışti Canyon

This canyon, located 95 kilometers from the city center of Aydin, is located in the district of Bozdogan.

Buses depart from the city center to Bozdoğan for transportation to Arapapışti Canyon. You can easily get to these buses. the canyon, which was opened to visitors in 2017, enchants the guests with its natural beauty. It is a must-go place with its turquoise colored water and wonderful atmosphere. Arapapışti Canyon entrance fees are 30 TL for adults and 15 TL for students.

2. The Cave of Zeus

This canyon, located in Kusadasi National Park, is located 70 kilometers from the city center. For Zeus Cave transportation, it is necessary to take the Kusadasi buses from the city center and then take the Kusadasi National Park buses. The Cave of Zeus has a rather interesting atmosphere. It is located at the junction of fresh water from the mountains and salt water from the sea. In addition, the water is 5 degrees every season of the year. It is said by the people of the region that the muddy water in the cave is a healing source. Zeus Cave visiting hours are between 08.00- 16.30 hours every day of the week.

3. Ancient City of Didyma

Many civilizations have lived in Aydın. This ancient city is also a place from ancient civilizations.

What are the tourist attractions of Aydın? It is one of the most beautiful answers that can be given to the question. 

There are works such as the Medusa figure and the Temple of Apollo in it.

4. In The Pigeon

Güvercinada, one of the popular places of Aydın, is an island located on the water and surrounded by walls. This island, which is engraved in the mind as one of the symbols of Kusadasi, is found very interesting by tourists. You should definitely see this island, which is located 55 kilometers from the city center.

5. Aydin Archaeological Museum

this museum, which was opened in 2012, allows us to see many historical artifacts extracted from Aydın.

Aydın Archaeological Museum entrance fee is determined as 12 TL. What are the tourist attractions of Aydın for those who are curious about history? It is the most beautiful answer to his question.


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