Places to Visit in Amasya - Places We Recommend You to Visit

 In this article, we will give you information about Amasya. We will talk about places to visit in and near the city. You can also give information about Amasya from the comments section. 

In this article, we will tell you about Amasya, the city of princes, the two sides of which do not come together in any way, that is, the Yeşilırmak (Green River) passes Decently along the way from the entrance to the exit of the city. 

Amasya is located on a valley located in the Central Black Sea. No matter where you stop in the city, when you look around, you can witness huge mountains on both sides. The most fun sightseeing route is closed to traffic during Ramadan, shows are prepared, and people can spend as much time as Sahura under the plane trees with the coolness of the evening. 

Yaliboyu houses decorated with lights are on the banks of the river. Behind the Yaliboyu houses, you cross the station bridge and encounter the "inner city", which is like a door to another world. No one harms each other, pets can easily walk on the street, souvenirs are sold, you witness a different music while passing by each place. 

It is a street reminiscent of a colorful old one, where lovers fell in love with each other again while traveling, where there are different tastes, where Anatolian culture is processed to the core, reminding people of how their ancestors were people. 

This city has been the homeland of many civilizations. You can see this from the excavations carried out. Conscious or unconscious excavations necessarily come across a historical artifact. 

Of course, there is a mountain that Ferhat drilled for Şirin on the way to Çorum of the city "Ferhat and Şirin", which is a subject that we can say that it is impossible not to mention. A beautiful museum has been built there. Everyone who comes to Amasya should definitely see it. 

The castle is a castle with a lot of wind, where there is a long Turkish flag on a Harşena mountain that can be seen from all sides of Amasya. 

Amasya also hosted Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who led the establishment of the Turkish state. There is the Saraydüzü barracks building where he spent his days while establishing Turkey. 

Beyazit Complex, built by Beyazit, is also among the places Decently to be seen in Amasya. There is a mosque, imaret, fountain, a large plane tree, fountain and library on the edge of Yeşilırmak. Other religious buildings that we recommend to see are Yorguc Pasha Mosque, Kara Mustafa Mosque with Merzifon, Hatuniye Mosque, Hazreti Omer Mosque... 

To mention a little about agriculture, greenhouse agriculture and fruit growing are carried out in the villages of Amasya connected to the center. The city, which is famous for its apples, actually mostly grows cherries. In short, we recommend that everyone visit this small but cozy city.


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