Menu Advice For Breakfast In The Morning

 We continue to give cruel advice to our dear readers. In this article, we will recommend you a menu for breakfast in the morning. 

We share our materials. 

 - 250 grams of frozen finger potatoes

 - 2 eggs, a container for beating eggs and a beater tool. 

- 3 cherry tomatoes

- 2 cucumbers

- Our favorite cottage cheese from our cabinet, if you like, it's still our favorite cheddar cheese. 

- We prepare our Philips Airfry machine by heating it to 180 degrees for light French fries.

Lets start...

we place 250 grams of potatoes in our dimly heated device by pouring light olive oil. we keep it at 200 degrees for 8 minutes so that it cooks quickly. At that time, we break our eggs into our bowl to beat them. White and yellow whites do not need to be separated. We beat our eggs, whether with our cheese or by putting a little of our cheddar for taste. 

We lightly grease our pan and pour our eggs as the required amount of mixture. Being sure of the ingredients in it, we mix our wooden spoon in our pan with a wooden spoon over a slightly low heat, checking by eye. When it is slightly cooked, we leave it in such a way that there is air between them Decently. She will cook on her own. Whether it is cheese or cheddar, we can understand that cheddar is cooked as soon as we see the property of creeping in the heat. 

As soon as we understand that our potatoes are cooked, we need to make the necessary intervention before our omelet egg sticks, as soon as we remove it from the device and quickly place it on our plate. When we move two in our pan and make sure that it is cooked enough, we will serve it with a breakfast plate. 

Without losing the heat, we can immediately wash our tomatoes and cucumbers, cut them and add them to our serving plate by making them suitable. 

We can continue with coffee or green tea, where we will heat our water. Our table is set. A practical, satisfying, meal-saving breakfast menu that can be made in 15 minutes. The calorie and pocket cost of ingredients is minimal. It can be easily applied at home and at work. The cost is pocket-friendly in today's conditions. It is a breakfast menu that can be prepared for 2-3 people by increasing their quantity a little. You can surprise your wife, mother, friend, make them happy. 

He has come to the end of another piece of advice that we have been desperately recommending. See you.


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