KARDEŞLERİM (For My Family) Series Viewer Comments

 Kardeşlerim (For My Family) series continues to be broadcast on atv television channel. sondurumne.com wondering about the views of the audience gorevciyiz.com we opened a survey on his site. Members of the site began to write their opinions about the series. Of course, since some viewers watch the reruns of the series starting from the old episodes, comments about the old episodes will also come. As comments come in, we will add viewer opinions to our article. You can also express your opinions about the series by commenting in the comments section at the bottom of this article. (The names of the users are hidden)

Kardeşlerim (For My Family) Audience Comments

E*** K****

The most beautiful most meaningful series about family loss and evil. I have never seen such real and sincere actors. This series really informed the appreciation of my mother and father more. I prayed for my mother throughout the series, so that nothing would happen to her. Especially for those who depend on their mothers, this life is very difficult. God does not leave anyone without a mother or father. When I look at this series, I get very emotional for these children. I have loved the show very much since the first episode. It looks very nice. I am grieving for Asia and her brothers. Mom and dad will not be worse. The worst thing is to be without them. The reason Harika is so bad must be that she grew up in a loveless home. Aybüke is really the interpreter of my heart, she tells everyone what they deserve and never oppresses their loved ones. I love Berk's lines, he's a pretty good actor, brother, or veins, or something, I swear, I'm experiencing the feeling right now. I really like their jealousy and Tolga's slow approach to Aybike. I swear I loved Omar very much, okay, he suffered a lot, they were very worn out, but that doesn't mean he can give his non-existent things to someone else. What a show this is, my heart is really broken. We are sitting warm in our house when it is raining, there are a lot of people like that. We choose what we eat, we don't like what we wear. The present time has become a series that children should watch very well, maybe they appreciate the food they eat a little, the clothes they wear, the houses they stay in. They know the value of their parents. I got headaches while watching the show. May the Lord not miss our parents from our heads, and most importantly, may he not need anyone. The part I cry the most is that Kadir has no choice but to leave Emel at the orphanage. And when I saw your brother crying, and your heart couldn't stand it and took it back, that was the scene where I left my heart. I am so heartbroken that it is impossible to put it into words. When I see the condition of these children, my heart breaks, when I look at this series, I swear, my eyes can't stand the tears. Mothers and fathers, I am glad that you exist, otherwise this world cannot exist. Health to the labor and heart of everyone from the tea maker to the producer in this series. I would like to thank the Atv team for allowing us to watch this series.

A*** A****

When I say brothers, everyone thinks of their own family first. Kardeşlerim series starts the same way. Four brothers and sisters lose their parents somehow after some bad events and are trying to hold on to life. The third season of the series has started to air, but I'm thinking of telling you about the first and second seasons so that you can more or less guess what you will encounter. The clash of rich and poor and the college environment are of course one of the sine qua non of a standard Turkish TV series. In the series, the man who caused the death of the parents of these four brothers has a college. A brother named Kadir is also trying to do what he can to keep the family afloat. It would not be wrong to say that victimization and tears are not missing for a moment in the series. As for the acting, I can say that I liked it, the preferences of unknown actors were very appropriate. He can no longer like the familiar actors in the series very much in the audience, he cannot adopt the characters. For example, when we see Engin Altan Düzyatan, whom we know from Diriliş Ertuğrul, in another heroic series, we cannot fully adopt his new role, which is why new and young actors add fresh air to such series. In general, to summarize the series and to question its traceability, In general, to summarize the series and to question its traceability, I think it is a series that you can watch with your family without getting bored. There are no stereotypes, right, of course there are, but it's always fun to watch the roles of new actors. We didn't talk about the environment. As we said, in a series set in college, the series is usually shot in tight spaces at school. In open area shooting, places that are not overcrowded are chosen. In their third season, they have also achieved a very good course. They are always at the top of the rating charts. A series of Kardeşlerim series to follow.

M**** K***

The series started to tighten after a while. The same problems are constantly being told about the troubles. A house full of brothers is always a helpless, helpless father, an older brother who sacrifices himself for his brothers, a younger brother trying to read, a student who has to study and work, being despised at school, etc., etc. ... That is, the classic action series that has been customary for years. When a person comes home in the evening with work or living stress, he turns on the TV and watches this series. Not always depressing events make this series rich to watch. The middle class and the poor follow. The rich watch Netflix or other platforms that are also virtual. He doesn't watch TV, which means that the audience watching this series is obvious, but already in this mass heartache, he always does the wrong thing when he watches this series, morale is in zero mode for good. Thank God a family life is described, but the faces in the family never smile, or does God always give a bad fate to a family. The series screenwriter is actually a master pen who has done very good work in the past, but unfortunately here, when the audience turns on the TV to drown in the faltering stage, he has come to the point of saying ‘it will upset us again and darken us’ and not watching. They should be a little happy on the show, a little happy to see money in their hands, so the family should be a little happy. Let's come to the actors ... Friend, for God's sake, how can an actor play a high school student in a rag doll fifteen years ago and again make the same man a student as a viewer, the man will retire, still a student, no matter how much makeup you put on, there is no Clover Pet in front of you. Just because you're a liseli, the audience doesn't eat anymore. He is a 40-year-old student playing in this country. There are no new graduate actors or film theater students. Here, play it. There was an old production of Offended Flowers, all the girls and children were quite students. Play the kids like that anyway. What is the need to bring 35-year-old children to warm up and warm up in front of us because they are students.

G***** B********

Kardeşlerim is a beautiful series that talks about the importance of a strong sibling bond, although from time to time there is a bad example in the rich-poor conflict, explaining that there is no need for blood ties to be brothers. We can all choose the wrong paths from time to time and make our lives difficult. In this series, the character of Omar has taken this on. Asiye, as a logical thinker, tried to turn the road straight. No matter how much Omar tries to face the difficulties of life, he is a child. His life is going through very difficult exams. His parents are dying, his brother is dying, his brother is sick from hunger. We understand again that if there is no family, then relatives are nothing. They will obviously come to good places in the coming episodes. Omar is weak in managing money. Grandma needs to support her. The father is ambitious about money and cruel, enough to hurt his mother. However, there is enough wealth and job opportunities for everyone, but of course it is not possible to understand the rich. It's a bit like a sultanate. They say everything is mine. There is Tolga, too... He seems rich, ambitious, but he is actually a very naive child. He's conscientious, emotional, but what he's been through makes him look bad and cruel. However, the child is looking for a crumb of love. He is blindfolded where he is loved. He hurts the other person with the fear of losing. If someone loves him, he won't hurt anyone if he holds his hand. It won't hurt you either. He even sent his brother out of the house so that he wouldn't get hurt, so that he wouldn't see what he was going through. A pinch of love can save all their lives. Doruk Atakul was such a cruel person, but the love he received changed him too. He became a person who strives for the good for everyone. Now when I write these things, people see better why there is no happiness with money. What money loses, what it gains if you use it correctly, children who grow up in loveless houses independent of each other cannot love and respect each other either. He doesn't know how to be loved, guys. How to love with that lack of love. How to grow up to be a parent. How can he give something to someone alive that he didn't take. Even a flower fades when it does not receive attention, it does not give seeds. How to expect from a person what even the plant can not do? That's why we also realized in this series that there has to be love before money. Decoupled lives in homes, disconnected communications, lives that revolve only in their own world, loveless children return to us as unscrupulous adults. Unloved individuals cannot learn to love.

M*** A*****

I watch ATV's drama series Kardeşlerim every week. I would like to share with you the missing and positive sides of the series that touches on the subject of drama and family. The first episodes of the series were really exciting and meaningful, but later, when I saw the shooting scene in each episode, it started to make no sense. The predominance of bad characters in the series has always caused the viewer to get bored over time, personally, I think so. When a person watches, does a person's luck decide that much? he can't help but ask himself the question. The shops they open are being robbed, they fail at every job, and when these things repeated over time, personally, as a viewer, it began to bore me. As for the positive aspects, the fact that the series topped 10 ratings in the first episodes of the series is an indication of how successful the series is and how successful this production is being sold to more than 20 countries. Everyone knows that there are hundreds of families who are left alone with the hardship of living like the family described and mentioned in the series. The topic that is being tried to explain is really subtle and pleasant. One of the fine details in the series is that almost everyone in the family is working, but they don't get a penny of money. If you haven't watched the series Kardeşlerim before, I recommend that you watch it because the script in the first episodes and the family mentioned are really sincere and pleasant, it enters your home and heart. I'm looking forward to seeing if the Kardeşlerim series will stand out from its new competitors in the 2022-2023 season and manage to become Dec 1 in the rating results again…


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