Information About the KURTLAR VADİSİ Series

 In this article, we will talk about the Kurtlar Vadisi series, which is one of the Decadesworks of Turkish TV series history. We will try to give detailed information about the series. 

Especially the first 97 episodes of the Kurtlar Vadisi series have a very important place in the mythification of the series. The series begins when, as a child, due to his father's conflict with the state, a government official kidnaps his son. This child is placed in an orphanage in Cyprus. After that, he is given up for adoption by a government official codenamed 'Aslan Akbey' to his 'Sincere' family. The family, who gave his name as 'Ali', also allows Aslan Akbey to participate in operations as a government official over time under their supervision. 

Given a job by a council, 'Süleyman Çakır' upsets the balances in the mafia with three sensational assassinations. This new formation in the mafia attracts the attention of the state. A letter comes to the 'lion' gentleman. Then Ali pulls Candan to his side. Ali Candan is placed next to a bully with another identity as Polat Alemdar, calling him his nephew. Events start gradually from here on. 

After Polat Alemdar and Cakir became brothers, he began to attract the attention of Mehmet Karahanli, the baron of the council, Decisively with the occasional help of Aslan Bey. 

The fact that Süleyman Çakır became the ambassador of Istanbul and died while continuing this mission opens a new era and closes an old era. Polat Alemdar's entry into the council in a short time accelerates after this death. After various events, Polat Alemdar, who managed to become the baron's right-hand man, tries to sort out the mechanisms inside the state when he receives the news of Aslan Akbey's assassination. At this time, he reaches the initial name. The son of the East. 

After the sudden death of Baron Mehmet Karahanlı and his conversations with Doğu Eşrefoğlu, Polat Alemdar is elected baron and destroys the Russian barons. When he was about to achieve his goal, the templars chose him. By sending him on a mission to Syria, they are testing whether he is one of us or not. Polat overcomes these tasks with his forehead, learning that he is the son of Mehmet Karahanli, he takes part in the side of his state and opens a war against the templars. His family, whom he has loved since the beginning of the episode, Candan surrenders to the Turkish judiciary by revealing his true identity to his family, Elif Eylül and her team. Here, he is found not guilty by the judges of justice and acquitted with his team. 

The Kurtlar Vadisi touched on the issues of casinos, drugs, arms sales and terrorism in the 90s. Although it is said that it has nothing to do with real institutions, it is the only series that makes the state's national intelligence agency explain that it has nothing to do with us. In this series, the events and reckonings that took place in a chaotic period are described very close to the truth. Each character is loved individually. It is a masterpiece in which the racon words sung in the series are officially known by heart. 

We can say that even the streets emptied during the period of publication of the series, each episode of which is eagerly awaited. The saying 'it is not a secret that two people know' that makes the valley a valley is known to everyone even today.


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