Information About Çınarcık

 In this article, we will give you information about Çınarcık, a district located in the Marmara Region of Turkey and connected to the province of Yalova. 

Çınarcık is the closest holiday resort to Istanbul. It has such clean and beautiful air that even 2 hours of sleep will be enough for you to wake up very vigorous here. Jul. In Çınarcık, one side of the road is the sea and one side is forested. All its streets lead to a beautiful view. Although it used to be a place where everyone knew and looked out for each other, the neighborhood culture is no longer very common in the city. 

Çınarcık is a district connected to Yalova and easy to reach. There are small entertainment venues. There is a disco at the foot of the mountain, you can listen to live music on the beach. 

the district, which contains 1 hospital and 1 university, is a little more densely populated than before, and thanks to the university, in addition to the elderly, it has now embraced more young people. 

Although it is an excellent place for a holiday, it is a little small to live in and the possibilities of finding a job are limited. Of course, although it is said that there are plenty of job opportunities for those who want to work, the opportunity to work as a civil servant or in a corporate firm is limited. But in addition to this, there are also job opportunities with personal rights in the city and in some villages, such as factories and shipyards. 

If you want to live with a healthy head, walking by the sea on the way back from work will take away your fatigue. And also on the free seashore, music in the ear, pleasant forest air... What's more... 

You can have a nice vacation here, away from the crowds, noise and traffic of big cities and their hurrying people. 

Remember, sometimes we are in a hurry for everything everywhere, but we are always late somewhere. When we go to small towns, we realize that we are actually late for ourselves.


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