How to Make Money With Kwai? Ways to Make Money With Kwai

 What is Kwai? How to make kwai money? How to make money with Kwai? What is Kwai gold good for? What is the Kwai download and earn campaign? Where is the Kwai invitation code written?

In this article, we will introduce you to the Kwai application in detail. Due to the fact that it is a new application, its features are not very well known. Although the company does a lot of advertising, those who want to use it are quite confused. That's why we decided to inform you about Kwai.

We have done a very detailed research and examination about Kwai. As a result, we have reached very interesting information. Here are all the details about Kwai...

What is Kwai?

Kwai is an application where short and vertical format videos are published and watched.

There is an explore section in the application and random videos can be watched.

In addition, videos are shared under certain tags.

Although it is unlikely that you can find videos on the subject you want for now, you can access various videos from the search section. Dec.

The application can also be accessed from the computer, but for now it is quite torturous to use it from the computer.

In the near future, Kwai will make an update and probably solve this issue.

The application has so far been downloaded by more than 100 million people from the official Google Play site.

It is known that the administrators of the application, which is based in China, are trying to collect the social media phenomena in Turkey.

How to Make Money With Kwai?

Kwai is perhaps the easiest social media application where you can earn money.

Since there are not very large accounts in the application at the moment, you have a very high chance of becoming a phenomenon and earning money.

If you are obsessed with making money from social media or being a phenomenon, this is the place for you.

There are a wide variety of ways to earn money on Kwai. The first of these is the ability to earn money by watching videos. This is the answer to the question of what is Kwai gold useful for. Yes, you heard right, Kwai even pays you for watching videos. You can get this money by monitoring for a certain minute every day. He actually gives it by calling it gold, and you turn these gold coins into money.

The second way to earn money will surprise you quite a lot. You can only log in to the application every 24 hours and earn gold, and these gold coins can be converted into money. 7. the day gives you the most loaded gold.

The third way to earn money on Kwai is to earn money by posting videos. You can get money as the videos you post are watched. This is related to the topic, but users are a little confused.

The fourth way to earn money is to earn money by making live broadcasts. You can earn money with gifts that come to you on live broadcasts.

There are so many ways to make money in Kwai. It's not over. Now let's come to the most beautiful feature.

Finally, you have the chance to earn money by inviting your friends. This feature is perhaps the most beautiful. You are paid for every friend you invite. You get paid 10 TL for each person you invite. You won't believe it, but it's not over. Pay October 2 per person in addition to the various periods when the people you invite watch the video.

If you also want to earn money with Kwai, you can download it by clicking on this link and you can create your Kwai profile and start earning money instantly. ==> Download Kwai 

(The link takes you to the official Google Play site. It is completely safe) 

In October, there is also an invitation code. 

Where is the Kwai invitation code written? So it is curious. In fact, the invitation code itself is automatically activated, but if you want to use it again, you first send your invitation code to your friend, and then your friend enters this code in the section that says Use the invitation code on his account. Sample invitation code: Kwai465747050

Criticism of Kwai

Finally, we wanted to make a criticism. Kwai wants you to have at least 10,000 followers on another social media platform. It may be possible to understand this, but there is also an event called an agency. 

This word will come to you a lot after you set out on the road. One of you is now saying, 'What agency is this friend? Where is this agency? Who is this agency?'you will say. There are agencies that are not seen in the middle, such as MIT secret, state secret. This, unfortunately, causes various scams. Please pay attention to this issue.


  1. Gerçekten çok mükemmel bir Kwai uygulaması olmuş ben çok beğenerek kullanıyorum ve herkese tavsiye ediyorum indirin ve keyfini çıkarın canı gönülden tebrik ediyorum ve başarınızın devamını diliyorum

  2. Kwai şu ana kadar kullandığım bütün uygulamalardan çok güzel ve çok başarılı olmuş elinize ve kolunuza sağlık başarınızın devamını diliyorum ve canı gönülden tebrik ediyorum


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