Historical Places to Visit in Kemer

 In this article, we will tell you about the places to visit in Kemer and nearby. We will give you information about the places you need to see. We will give you some advice about this beautiful place. 

When it comes to historical places to visit in Kemer, there are actually many natural beauties, historical structures and beaches of Kemer, one of the popular districts of Antalya. So, where are the historical places to visit in Kemer?

Many tourists visit Kemer every year and enjoy the beautiful bays, beaches and natural beauties. But in addition to these, the historical importance of Kemer is also high, so we have prepared a list for you about the historical places of Kemer.

Historical Places in Kemer

The Ancient City of Phaselis

It is one of the most important historical buildings and M.He. 7. It was founded by Lycians around the century. It has been used by pirates for a long time in history and 3 ports have been discovered in the region so far. This city was used by the Lycians for trade.

Ancient City of Idyros

This city, which is one of the historical places to visit in Kemer, is located right next to the Moonlight Bay, and archaeological work began in Dec 1976, and as a result of these studies, many important artifacts from the Byzantine period were found.

Beldibi Cave

It is located within the borders of Oba Village and was used in the period of Antiquity. Artifacts belonging to the Mesolithic, Paleolithic and Neolithic eras have been found in the studies carried out around the cave.

The Wreck of Paris 2

Here are the remains of a warship sunk a long time ago, and it is included in the list of places to visit in Kemer. as a result of a war in 1917, the French ship Paris 2 sank to the bottom of the sea and was discovered by chance in 1995.

Three Islands

The Three Islands are one of the natural beauties of the region, and these beauties are located both on land and in the sea. You can also see many important historical buildings by participating in the underwater dives made here.

Beydağları National Park

Transportation to Beydağları National Park is carried out by private vehicles or minibuses.since 1972, there are many unique historical buildings within the boundaries of the national park.

Olympos Ancient City

The exact date of foundation is unknown, but i.He.the name Olympos is mentioned in the Lycian Union coins minted in 167-168 years. The remains of the city that have survived to the present day usually belong to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.

Çıralı Yanartaş

Among the historical places to visit in Kemer, this place is the fire of this Yanartas Khimaira, which, according to legends, has not Decayed for thousands of years.


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