Gönül Dağı Series Viewer Comments

 The Turkish television series 'Gönül Dağı' continues to be broadcast on the TRT 1 television channel. sondurumne.com wondering about the views of the audience gorevciyiz.com we opened a survey on his site. Members of the site began to write their opinions about the series. Of course, since some viewers watch the reruns of the series starting from the old episodes, comments about the old episodes will also come. As comments come in, we will add viewer opinions to our article. You can also express your opinions about the series by commenting in the comments section at the bottom of this article. (The names of the users are hidden)

Gönül Dağı Viewer Comments

A* A**: There is always a sadness in the series, but it is not absent in the comedy. As the series progresses, there is a structure that draws you in. The warmth and affection of the players can take you and take you back to your youth or even childhood. Passing through the steppe town reflects the warmth of the Anatolian people and officially takes us to our old villages or towns.We can say that the love relationships in the series are very well processed and every character is in love. In the series, there is almost no distinction between the main character and the side characters, the side characters are processed in such detail that they can suddenly become your main character. At the beginning of each episode, the focus is on a certain character, we are witnessing frames from his childhood. It is possible to hear Neşet Ertaş's ‘Gönül Dağı’ folk song in most parts of the series. The music and the atmosphere of the series are so good that it takes you in and draws you in. Speaking of the atmosphere, there is a number ten series among the series that have been playing on television so far. The complete family series. We watch comedy, drama all in one with pleasure. Dec. We laugh and cry. One of the best Turkish TV series ever made. It's like the roles are sitting on the leading actors. The performance of the other players also seems to be in place. In general, the series is related to the previous episode with a new adventurous events in each episode of the film and does not bore the viewer with chained love games. The time of the events in the transitions is calculated at a reasonable level. Taner, one of the leading actors of the serial film, gives his right to the role he has chosen for himself, while it cannot be said that he has the same success for his partner Dilek. Many of Dilek's movements, from speech to body language, seem mediocre.

E*K**: It's really one of the most beautiful series I've watched lately. A series that makes people laugh and cry while watching. I would say it's the only series you can sit and watch as a family. We need to know the value of this series, I'm saying that much. Finally, a non-nonsense series that doesn't mess with your head. It means that such sequences can be filmed when desired. If a person wants to really love from the heart, they have told very well what a person can do in this series. After the Green Sea series, we were homesick for such a series. Naturalness, sincerity, friendship are all so beautifully processed. One of the most appreciated aspects of the series is that the characters constantly wear the same clothes, while in other series clothes are changed every day, the characters here dress as if they live every day. Despite the series that make cheating and betrayal seem normalized, it is good that a series from our family from home has been perfect. Emphasizing the neglect of Central Anatolia, the struggle for existence of the people there is a series that touches the human emotions very well, perfectly narrated in a comedy style. I am sure that everyone who fell in love in their childhood will find something of themselves in this series. I've always wanted to live in such small town, village-style places since I was little, maybe I've always understood much better when I grew up, especially because we can't find that intimacy in a city place, that I want to live in different places. When I watch this series, it gives me the feeling and happiness that I live in the city, so I have a very separate place for this series. People can watch the series over and over again without getting bored. A series that does not set a bad example for everyone to follow. I'm looking forward to Saturdays. Perhaps the best feature of this series is that it is addressed only to naive people. They say that the world is a hell place for sensitive hearts. Peace be upon the people who take people from the real world and take them to the mountain of the heart. Every time I watch Dilek's death, I think of it and you made me very emotional. Don't say I watched the series that didn't watch this series. I think it's one of the best shows TRT has done recently. So, thank you very much to everyone from the tea maker who contributed to the series from here to the producer of tut. I would also like to thank TRT yede for bringing such a series with us. I hope this series does not end immediately.

M*** A***** I have been watching the series Gönül Dağı, which has been on the screens for 2 seasons and as a guest in the houses, for 2 seasons. The music in the series, the script and many other features encourage you to watch the series. I would like to say that it is one of the rare Turkish-made series that you will watch with peace of mind with your family. Hate speech, violence against women and such things that come to mind in the series do not exist in the series. I will continue to watch the Gönül Dağı series, which takes the Anatolian region as an example, in the new season. If you are going to watch the Gönül Dağı series, first of all, I would like to point out that there is a series that constantly experiences a loss of players. The keywords of the Gönül Dağı series are actually compassion, pure love, conscience, we can see what these words are in the series. It contains behaviors that will be taken as an example for young people. The other thing that caught my attention in the series a negative review, but sincere talk loud background music going to be a little uneven for me it remains in a conversation that we have to run immediately to the remote, if it is that attention to detail will be better in terms of sound I would like to say. It also deals with neighborly feelings Between 1970-1990, which must have been due to taking the example of neighborly, family feelings, I saw that the audience was 30+ years old. Dec. We haven't watched a series about old and old family unions on Turkish television for a long time. The Gönül Dağı series felt like a legacy to us in this regard. I would like to tell those who are watching that most of the series currently broadcast on television will not replace the Gönül Dağı series. The use of an iPhone phone in the series that hosts Old Anatolia is a subtle detail that I think should not have happened, but as I said, it is one of the subtle details.


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