DUY BENİ Series Viewer Comments

 The Duy Beni series continues to air on the Star TV television channel. sondurumne.com wondering about the views of the audience gorevciyiz.com we opened a survey on his site. Members of the site began to write their opinions about the series. Of course, since some viewers watch the reruns of the series starting from the old episodes, comments about the old episodes will also come. As comments come in, we will add viewer opinions to our article. You can also express your opinions about the series by commenting in the comments section at the bottom of this article. (The names of the users are hidden)

Duy Beni Audience Comments

A*** A ****

At first, there is a fiction that is gradually progressing in the series that I started watching with reservations because it is an adolescent series. But although the series does not completely break my prejudices, it manages to take you back to your high school years. The fact that the series is not published on any paid website and is easily accessible is our biggest advantage when watching the series. It is very convenient that when you search for Duy Beni on YouTube, you can access all the episodes of the series that have been published. It seems certain that it was inspired by a Spanish production called Elite. I'm saying that Kardeşlerim should wait for the time to come when they can compete with their series. As a high school series category, I think it can easily enter the top three among the series Decoded in Turkey right now. I would say a series that you can easily watch while eating that won't bore you. Although my acting scores are at a somewhat prosaic level because they are playing a new generation of actors, I can say that acting is not very smiling because it is a high school series. Although the script contains a lot of things other than Turkish culture, the series is like a summary of Turkish high schools. Although they did not address too many social and economic problems, they addressed the problems that can be experienced in everyday life when possible. You shouldn't be too angry with screenwriters either, in fact, they usually write things that are consumed. If we conclude our evaluation, I describe the series Duy Beni as generally watchable. A hot production that you can watch with your family in your free time. I'm sure everyone will be able to find a suitable character for themselves. The costume design team is at an average level, the stage transitions are also very good, although it is not an Elite, but at an average level. I don't want to give too many spoilers, but I strongly recommend that you give it a chance by watching the series.

E**** K****

Thanks to this series, we can also understand how important our health is from here. So these college schools, cool clothes, shoes, and so on, they're all empty. Whether it's health, money, glory, fame, none of it.Leyla's current dream is to walk, for example, she wants nothing more than to walk.Running, singing and jumping again. Money sometimes doesn't matter at all, friends, let's appreciate our health.It is very nice and very gratifying to see new people in a new project instead of the faces we see and know.And they gave him his due. They are all individually very talented players. I wish you continued success. Anxiety, panic attacks, bullying, family pressure, burden of responsibility, etc. for the first time in a series where there are psychological problems, the writing of characters in a summer series is very deep. The generic soundtrack, the songs that are playing, the image are all better than I've ever seen on a TV series before. I almost saw myself in this series. That's how my school years went, too. Bullying, teasing, all this has made me the strong person I am now. Don't give up and know your own worth. I still can't believe that this series is a Turkish production. I actually got the mood of a netflix series while watching it. It's a really high-quality series. It's just that some bullying is very exaggerated, but unfortunately this is the case, although not in real life. The most important reason why the series is so liked is that its subject is different from other series, it touches on different topics and therefore takes risks.Thank you to everyone who contributed to this series, from the producer to the tea maker.

M**** K***

Hello friends. I will share with you my thoughts about the Duy Beni series. At the beginning of the series, our female character, Ekim, lives in a strange poor neighborhood. This high school girl is hit by a car while driving down the road with her friend, and this is where things start. In other words, at the beginning of the event, the neighborhood seemed to be very good. On the face of people, it was thought that such neighborhoods took care of each other, loved each other, protected and protected, but in the future, it is shown that even in such neighborhoods, people will sell each other for money. And it's ridiculous that the neighborhood is so possessive of the girl. There is no such thing in real life. 70-80-year repeat they are. Now no one can interfere in anyone's anything. Therefore, the series does not reflect sincerity. He certainly doesn't do many episodes. Whether it's the love adventures of the series or what happened at the beginning of Ekim, he started to strangle people after a while. After Leyla was hit by a car, Ekim's movements changed. Ekim was Decoupled between his friend and his future. This is also very absurd. We've been following the same scenarios for years. So there is not a very creative scenario. There is nothing in which the viewer will find himself. For example, there was a series called Kardeş Payı. In this series, people were finding themselves. He was finding the neighborhood culture. no matter how abusive their conversation was, he felt the life he was living. There's nothing like that in this series. Completely contrived from start to finish. He does not attract you to him in any way. It is a mystery how he has survived so far. I don't know which people are watching this. Which audience is watching. It is definitely not a series that I would recommend and watch. The series needs to deviate a little from the topic in order to keep it the same topic since the series started, and each episode takes place in the same places. He has to be a little creative. Now people, at least I'm talking personally, I'm bored. The same characters from the same neighborhood. In no way does the surprise character participate in the series. They have always been the same. In other words, the script is not drawn in a way that surprises the audience. So we can more or less predict what will happen next week. This does not affect the viewer in a good way. It doesn't affect me anyway. As I said, this series is not a series that will be held in Turkey in any way. It doesn't reflect the truth at all. You can't find yourself in the show. You can't get carried away. The show should be able to reflect on its own life when it closes its eyes. And you should be able to find something of yourself, but unfortunately we can't find anything other than contrived in this series. My rating for this series is 1 out of 10. I definitely wouldn't recommend it. So is a waste of time. Until you watch this series, read books, read developmental books, watch developmental videos, but don't watch this series. You will be wasting time in vain. I hope the information I provided was useful. I wish you a good day.


  1. I love this series so much I just hope and pray it keeps going. I love how it shows bullying because it happens every day in schools around the world. It shows weaknesses and strengths of the students and love. Great writing and great actors


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