ÇOK GÜZEL HAREKETLER 2 (ÇGH 2) Viewer Comments

 Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 television program continues to be broadcast on the Star TV television channel. sondurumne.com wondering about the audience's comments gorevciyiz.com we opened a survey on his site. Members of the site began to write their opinions about the entertainment program. Of course, since some viewers watch the reruns of the program starting from the old episodes, comments about the old episodes will also come. As comments come in, we will add viewer opinions to our article. You can also express your opinions about the program by commenting in the comments section at the bottom of this article. (The names of the users are hidden. Spelling errors have been corrected)

Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 Viewer Comments

M**** K***: The new season has started. You know, it's a Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 programs have moved to Star TV. This program affects me a lot. In other words, while Turkey is already in a bad position financially and spiritually, at least I think so. When I'm watching this show, I'm happy, I'm laughing. Different characters, new characters join every season. This season, a friend named Mahsun Karaca, whom we call Mahsun, whom we know as an ‘Interview Man’ who has gained a lot of fame on social media, joined. I hope it's not the first part. Good to see him. Keeps you happy. Because he's one of the people. We are happy when we see someone from the public. This program really makes me enjoy watching it.

I***** T****: It is known that Yılmaz Erdoğan played to the top with the bone cast in ÇGBH 1, most of the actors who played also reached a special fan base, the bone cast has changed over time. This show continues with the second generation of actors. The first episodes of this new bone staff, which started with Yılmaz Erdoğan again under the name ÇHBG 2, took some time for us to get used to as a viewer in order to enjoy the first generation. We have seen sketches from the daily news, where events that have become phenomena are taken into account. Gradually, ÇGHB 2, which could not turn the difference between its competitors Güldür Güldür in favor of a little Decadence, experienced a movement when Yılmaz Erdoğan left his place to Eser Yenenler. Some of his sketches became the center of attention on social media, while sketches such as the minimum wage and social status became trending. As a viewer, we got used to the newly formed group. When their ratings started to increase, they started writing beautiful sketches. Some of the actors of this cast also began to appear in films and serials. It was not difficult for us to see new friends in Yilmaz Erdogan's projects. So they got their reward for their efforts with a good game, promotion. They are still moving forward with success. I will not be surprised if these friends also catch the pleasure of the first Junket. They have high acting potential, and a lot of the old ones, that's 2. the bone should be behind the staff so that they continue close to the first generation. Channel D also stood behind this formation at a time of low ratings. He always played it on the channel every week. I'm waiting for the continuation as far as they can go…

F**** M***** A****: 'Çok Güzel Hareketler 2' became nicer than the previous series. At first I was surprised by the unrecognized face of the players, but later I got used to it. My favorite sketches are the neighborhood contribution series. The events that are developing there are very beautiful. The acting is fantastic. Arizona lizard, it's great to have five cupcakes in a car. Evliya's acting has reached a very superior level. Evliya now appeals to a large audience and has become the beloved face of the public. I wish you continued success. I would also like to congratulate Yilmaz Erdogan. I still wholeheartedly congratulate him for not letting the theater die today. We will continue to watch this program with love.

İ**** G*****: A very beautiful comedy theater. It makes you laugh and think while watching. He makes me laugh more now. I always watch without missing. I've been watching it since the first episode without missing it. My teacher Yilmaz Erdogan has assembled a very good team. The team is amazing. They write and play the games themselves. There is a player who says, ’Open the door'. There is also a Marriage. These two actors are very funny. The new season also started recently. I think you should watch it before you miss it. My Yilmaz teacher gathers young people and makes them get a profession. My stomach hurts from laughing while watching. It was a very good production. They convey their energy to the audience. If it was close, I would go watch. I watched it with great pleasure while watching. Health to your labor, your heart, your mouth. I wish you continued success. May Allah make your path clear. These are Very Good Moves, they are always on top. We are constantly watching together with the whole family. We watch without getting bored. Congratulations to my Yılmaz teacher. I thank him for setting up such a game…


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