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 It is necessary to be very careful when buying and selling used and second-hand cars. Therefore, we decided to prepare an article with car recommendations. For you we opened a survey on the site and asked the members of the site for car recommendations. We followed such a method to present a realistic narrative and give good advice. Here it is for you a list of recommendations prepared by its members. (The names of the members are hidden and only typographical errors have been corrected)

1 - Fiat Egea 2015 (I***** T****)

I will introduce my Fiat Egea brand vehicle, which is the pupil of the Fiat brand that entered the storm in 2015 and which is my own vehicle that broke sales records in the domestic production category. 

Egea, my vehicle produced in Tofaş factories, the Pride of Bursa, in 2015, entered the automotive Sunday as a sedan with 3 engine options. 1.300 cc 95 horsepower diesel, 1400 cc 95 horsepower gasoline and the most performance 1.600 cc 120 horsepower diesel engine came into our mix with their production. With three hardware differences, the user drew attention to being pocket-friendly. Easy starter package, Urban medium equipment, Lounge full versions, which we call full of throat, were offered for sale with manual transmission in 3 engines. with the compatibility of the 1.4 engine with LPG, it became the choice of our country. The diesel unit, on the other hand, was a performance 1.6 multi jet engine that captivated my mind and eye about performance and fuel consumption 1.3 fuel consumption. The favorite of the fleet Sunday was preferred with 1.3 multi jets. With the beauty of sales, models with hatchback bodywork and station wagon, which are also produced by Tofaş Bursa, were released to the market. the 1.6 multi jets blended with the CVT transmission automatic transmission with an unbeatable design with 120 hp. Sunday Sunday, the American market, the European Sunday, the South American market was imported to the pride of our country. 

in 2018, I bought a 2015 model 1.3 multi jet 95 horsepower urban package Egea. With the sedan version, my luggage volume meets my needs with the 520 liter version. Fuel consumption in the city is just over 1 lira per kilometer, despite the current fuel prices. The handling is of one-on-one quality with the competitors, it gives confidence when I push a little harder. I'm using a 205 55 16 inch wheel tire. Road silence is in the foreground. The ease of use in the car is also very nice for urban hardware. Automatic air conditioning, steering wheel, speed sabitleyeci, 5 inch touch screen, 4 Glass Auto, digital dial, Bluetooth, premium sound system, parking sensor, connect the charger to your phone and USB are there. The steering wheel can be easily maneuvered with the city function in the city. 

I would say that the 1.3s are industry friendly. At the moment, my car is one hundred and fifty thousand. I do oil maintenance regularly and it didn't upset me. Heavy maintenance of diesels becomes a little troublesome. You burn less fuel, but maintenance is more expensive than gasoline vehicles. Most of them are more suitable for other competitors. It can be easily found in the Tofaş infrastructure. 

1.3s are in the lower category tax bracket, I pay MTV less. 256 TL for 6 months 2022, the 2015 model is very satisfactory. With the spare parts and maintenance costs, I have been the light of your idea with my little recommendations to you with my vehicle that I use fondly. With health and love...

2 - Volvo 2004 s40 (M***A*****)

I will introduce you to the Swedish tank Volvo, which has been popular in our country in recent years. I know the vehicle to the smallest detail because I have used it myself. In this article, I will talk about the positive negative direction. 

First of all, I will mention the model Volvo 2004 s40. I will touch on all the details such as comfort, speed, in this article. Is the Volvo S40 Available? This will be one of the questions that comes up when you research any car. 

Let's say that even the smallest part of the Volvo you will buy is more expensive than the car. Since the production of parts is rare in our country, they are sold dearly as a matter of course. In addition, I can say that the model I use is a family car for 4 people, it does not fit more people, so it is narrow. Of course, the new case s60-s90s do not have this problem, but the vehicle has a total capacity of 1 front November 3 rear. I don't even think it goes without saying how solid a vehicle Volvo is. 

If you have decided to buy a Volvo, think about buying a 2.0T engine instead of buying a 1.6. If you ask why, Volvo vehicles are heavy chassis and November pass out on the slopes unless there is a powerful engine. In order to prevent this, consider taking the 1.6 engine at the upper level. 

Do not expect to buy Volvo as a speed vehicle because its mission is definitely safety, it has a speed of 240km, I would say the last 200km, if you want to speed up, of course, the s60-s90, one of the latest models of the vehicle, comfortably goes over 240 km. 

I bought the Volvo S40 2004 vehicle for 85 thousand liras at the time of Dec 2021, and now the market value of this vehicle varies between 160-250 thousand TL. I would like to say that it is a price performance vehicle compared to many cars on the market. Let's say that you will be very comfortable both in terms of fuel and in terms of driving a car. If you ask me, I would say it's an old Volvo. 

When I bought the car, there was a tube, but if there is no tube when you buy it, you can negotiate and add an affordable price. I have also calculated the price that the Volvo S40 burns in the city and outside the city, let's share it with you immediately. You can use 11.1LT in the city and 6 LT outside the city. 

Volvo S40 2004 Vehicle Specifications! 

Gear Type Manual

November 2019 - Body Type Sedan 

Engine Displacement (1.6SegmentD) Segment 

Fuel Consumption 7.9 lt /100km Power80kw - Tork145 

Traction Front-Wheel Drive 

Weight 1165Kg 

Top Speed 200 km/h 

0-100 Acceleration Seconds 12 Seconds

3 - Fiat Jet Egea 2017 (M**** K***)

Hello. My vehicle is a 2017 model Jet Egea, but it is a very clean and Jul-able vehicle. To mention the features, ABS and ASR are available. USB and AUX inputs are available. There are fog lights and daytime running lights as headlights. There is also a trip computer and hill start support. The computer gives warnings in cases such as impact. There is only paint on the left rear door. I had to throw paint before because it was drawn. All parts are original. I already bought zero myself. Changed only part no. I took a good look at my car. There are no records of damage, thank God. Never had a mishap. I used it a lot on long trips with my family. 

Families who will buy this brand with peace of mind can get it. He never lets you down, but it's a little bit about you, too. If you look at the car, he will look at you. It never burns too much, it's economical. By God, if you are homeless, sleep in it. Turn on the heating in winter. I went out for work once, I slept out of Decency. When the seats recline, it's like home. 

A convenient tool for making a buy and sell. Because the price is constantly increasing. It will definitely save you a good considerable amount of money in a year. If anyone wants to buy a second-hand car, there are also bank loans for this vehicle. Banks such as TEB cetelem Aktifbank and Koç Finans issue loans immediately, but of course they also look at your record. I would advise anyone who wants to buy it to buy zero. I mean, everyone has their own budget, I can't say anything. 

I am driving my sixth vehicle with it, but I have never seen a car that is as comfortable as this, burns less, goes like oil on a long road. For one thing, he does not feel nauseous at all, he does not smell. If you are not a driver, you can sleep at home and travel as if you are sleeping. 

It burns a lot in the city, but compared to other cars, I'd like to say that. If you are traveling for work and sightseeing, you should definitely buy this beautiful vehicle. First of all, God does not give an accident trouble, but the brakes are like oil and so on. He never slips. He never does tire wear and tear. It also has a black color. It's cooler, but I bought White for a clean look for work. Jul. 

There is only one problem, there are no parts and it is very expensive. Even a headlight is incredibly expensive. It is expensive compared to the parts of other vehicles, but sometimes you go through money and there are no parts. In other words, there is no original, but the service is interested and they inform you in the process. The service workers are trying to help perfectly well, and there is also an emergency assistance team. If you are stuck on the road, they call and come to help. I'm saying that this car meets your wishes very well as a family. May the Lord grant everyone an accident-free vehicle. I hope the information I provided was useful.

4 - Renault Kangoo 2021 - (E**** K****)

The car I am driving is called Renault Kangoo 2021 model. it is 40 thousand kilometers. The values of my car are very excellent when it comes to fuel. It burns very little. Although it is not used much for trade, small shopkeepers such as grocers use these tools. The lighting in the luggage compartment is positioned as a key. You can go on the road with this vehicle, put the back seats and camp. 

There are rain and headlight sensors. We don't have a darkening rearview mirror. Our engine is 1.5 90 horsepower. The appearance of the car is super. We have door handles that are not body color. We have a plastic section in the middle. So that he could block the blows while he was hitting right and left. 

Our diesel tank cover is located on the left side, that is, in the driver's part. We have long back stocks. We have a wiper in the luggage compartment at the back. There is a button on the left side of the steering wheel where we can adjust the headlight settings. 

This vehicle is 230 km per hour. he can get up to speed. On the right side of the steering wheel there are keys for turning up and Decelerating the volume and switching between songs. There are two cup holders and a cigarette lighter in my car. The glove compartment is quite wide in terms of the eyes. It won't upset you too much on the long road, but it will upset you on the very long road. The steering is nice and the suspensions are not overly stiff. 

A tool that you can easily use in your work. The interior design of my car is very beautiful. It is also very good in isolation. The windows in the back are also electric. There is a charging station at the front of the car where you can charge your phones. Our sos panel and lights are all in place. 

The door interior design is made of a hard plastic material. There are keys with which we can control the glass control and electric windows. The driving position is fine. My car has a fairly large luggage compartment. I have an 8-inch multimedia system inside my car. the 17-inch wheels are on the wheels of my current car and I use Continental brand tires. 

It is a great tool that you can camp as a family. There are many on and off keys in the front part such as seat heater and parking sensor. At the bottom, there is an analog protection panel. At the bottom, we mentioned the charging station where we can charge your phones with contactless charging feature. 

Visually, it also looks very beautiful, really. Your lower back never hurts when you are sitting in your armchair. Driving pleasure is a very high-end vehicle. I strongly recommend that you buy and use it.

5 - Opel Astra 1.4 2004 (Y**** C*****)

Features of My Opel Astra Car 

Power: 90 HPW
Maximum Speed: 180 km 
Fuel tank volume: 52 liters 

A very clean and very comfortable car.Jul. it's a 2004 model. Engine 1.4. Sequential autogas. There is no shortage of insurance. There is no shortage of licenses. I just put four wheels on. The shock absorbers are newer. There is no paint at all. Everything is original. I just put the seat covers on. The steering is hydraulic. The tape recorder is widescreen. There is no problem in the engine department. The trunk is 460 liters. The engine displacement is 1389 cm. Fuel is gasoline. Front brake disc. The rear brake is drum. The tire diameter is 175/70R14. There is a front suspension, shock absorber, rear suspension. 

There is no problem with cleaning the back arm. I myself have been driving this car for two years. There have been no problems so far, thank God. I hope it doesn't come out after that. If I'm not sure about my car, I'll never talk like that. The seats are brand new. There is not even a spot of fading at the base. This car is really my hand and arm. That's why I'm taking care of it, and I have no intention of selling it. How many people said 'sell me this car' but I said 'I won't sell'.

The steering is very smooth to use. November is a very solid vehicle as a case. I am never surprised by Opel Astra cars. Just be strong. For me, the model does not matter. As long as it's clean. Jul. 

It is a very excellent vehicle for handling and safety. The air conditioner works very perfectly. There have been no accidents with the car. He has no problem with that at all. 

Maximum: 66 horsepower
Maximum torque: 125
Maximum speed: 180 0.100 km Acceleration 12.5 sec. 

These cars are very comfortable and very comfortable. There is no problem with the bodywork. Very solid. In short, the comfort in my car is not in any car. I'm very glad out of my car. I wish God would give it to those who are not. Sincerely. Trust in Allah and take care of yourselves.


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