Buy YouTube Views And Likes

 Buy YouTube views. Buy YouTube views. Buy YouTube likes. 

YouTube 1000 Views - 50 TL

YouTube 1000 Likes - 100 TL

We also offer options for those who want to make few purchases

100 Views - 6 TL

100 Likes - 12 TL

After paying and sending, 1000 likes or 1000 views will be reached within 48 hours. This also applies to those who receive 100 views and likes.

The sources of views and likes will be our task site and various applications used by real people. The bot is not monitored.

The duration of the video is variable. it can be 30 seconds, it can be 60 seconds or even 1 or 2 minutes. Therefore, we recommend that you place an order with a long video.

For this reason, we can say that we are a suitable option especially for those who are trying to fill 4000 hours.

Since the resources we use are personally tested, there is not much decrease, but we will still provide more than 10% shipping.

Channels that are open to earn money are not recommended to take our service. You should not take your viewing video from another place at the same time.

Contact Number: 0 544 403 31 48


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