Buy Pinterest Followers, Follow And Save

 Pinterest Followers, Tracking And Save sales.

Pinterest 100 Followers - 15 TL

Pinterest 100 Save to Clipboard - 15 TL

Pinterest 100 Video Views - 20 TL (Likes will be thrown as a gift, but there is no guarantee of numbers)

We offer interaction service for your Pinterest accounts.

No matter which one of the above transactions you make, in addition to the 100 account, you can use a link of your choice,

from an account with 1,2700 followers and 250,000 views per month

1 account with 3800 followers and 310.000 views per month

we will pin 1 account with 11,400 followers and 1.4 million views per month. (These three accounts are our own accounts that we have been using for 2 years)

From these three accounts, the pin creation process will be performed for you with the picture you send (the big account can also share the video).

Pin Creation Requirements

Since most of the interactions will be by real people, we will not buy jobs for every share. (We don't want to buy a job for an objectionable share)

First, we will see the desired share to be made and then we will indicate whether we can make a business purchase for this share.

In short, if you try to receive multiple interactions from the above 3 accounts, the above fees will keep.

In this case, the interaction of the remaining 100 accounts will come to you for free.

We will complete the interactions no later than 48 hours after receiving the job and pay.

If the transaction is not completed during this time, we will refund all of your money.

Contact Number: 0 544 403 31 48


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