Advice to Those Who Have to Live on the Street

 There are millions of homeless people living on the streets all over the world. The number of news, articles or videos about the living conditions of these people is also quite small. Therefore, in this article we will touch on this topic.

One day you too may have to stay on the street.

If you are forced to stay on the street for a day, we have prepared an advice letter considering what to do and the recommendations of those who stay on the street.

How can we eat if we stay on the street? How do we meet the need for water? How to sleep on the street? We have touched on many such topics in this article.

We all know how people who are forced to stay on the street or people look at paper collectors. If you are forced to stay on the street one day, the first thing you need to get used to is the way people look at you.

Now you are the real owner of the street. When everyone goes to bed at night, you will be outside, get ready for it!

If you are in the summer, you should first find a pet bottle and look at meeting your liquid needs. When you experience fluid loss, your blood pressure will drop and you will start to experience headaches. If you are going to stay on a street, the first important thing will be to avoid fluid loss. You can take your water from places such as fountains and mosques in the city and refresh yourself.

It is free to enter the district centers of political parties, it is the biggest advantage that they meet your toilet and tea needs.

You can easily meet your basic needs in the shopping center toilets.

Trial products, you have the chance to get rid of the day by taking advantage of the trial meals comfortably.

After you have not exceeded a certain standard, people will welcome you and treat you.

If you are on a winter night, warming up should be your biggest main goal.

If you experience heat loss, you may face the danger of freezing after a while.

If you can't find wood, you can get the cartons of the markets and banks by asking them.

After doing all this, of course, the work does not end, where should we sleep? Almost everyone thinks of children's parks, but at night you will encounter disturbing sounds such as the sound of a busy car, the sound of a fountain. But this can be a solution when there is no other remedy. If you have money on you, you can rent a tent and you can have a comfortable sleep when you set it up in a place away from parks and schools. But if you don't have any money, the municipality has free living spaces. It is available in most municipalities, but if you can't take advantage of it, you may have a chance in mosques.

Today, we have told you what many people living in the world and in our country can do in this situation, which is forced. Of course there's more. Try to get help from people or the government before doing any of these things. Because the street is always dangerous.

If you are forced to live on the street and you don't have any money, we have tried to tell you how you should follow a path anyway.


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