5 Famous Social Media Sites And Their Usage Patterns

 In this article, we will talk about five well-known social media sites and the tendencies of their users to use these channels. You can also indicate your opinions about these social media sites at the end of our article by writing in the comments section. If you are ready now, we can go to our list that we have prepared for you.


Perhaps we can say the most striking and agenda-setting one among the social media sites.

All of its users are almost like a one-person news agency.

We can say that it is as important a social media site as using Gmail for those who carry official identities and celebrities.

Lately, the pulse of justice has also been beating on Twitter.

For example, we have witnessed that a released criminal has been re-arrested many times because of a hashtag that opened on Twitter.

Especially the tweets with agenda tags surprise people.

The audience in it can tweet as if it is in the place where the incident happened.

These tweets sometimes contain false information, and sometimes they can be completely real.

In fact, it is a medium that has both good aspects and bad aspects.

For example, some groups that can organize very quickly on Twitter can turn a striking event into the biggest agenda of the country in an instant.

In this society, sometimes good results can sometimes lead to bad results.

To give an example, in the past, students had respect and fear for teachers, but this fear came from the family.

Because in the past, parents used to ask their children, 'what did you do to your teacher? you've been punished!'he used to say.

Now, many students are asking some respected teachers, 'Who are you?' we can see that you can say.

The fact that a child of primary school age can show an attitude to his teacher by saying 'who are you' makes people wonder if he is inspired by Twitter, where lynching culture is very active.

But still, the positive impact of Twitter on the upbringing of a questioning generation is enormous.   

The task of the elders is to encourage the correct use of this medium by young people. It should be frequently advised to young people that everyone should know the area of freedom and that they should seek rights within the framework of respect.

In addition, the fact that Twitter users have to share short posts pushes them to say more with fewer words. It is known to everyone that its users are very talented, especially in humorous criticism.

However, we can say that this humorous approach in the early days of Twitter has been lost recently.


It may be the most volatile social media platform. It is constantly updated. Since the day it was opened, the updates can't be finished.

Every time you enter, you encounter a different Instagram.

There is obviously an active team working in the background. It is an application that infuriates its users because it crashes from time to time, but it also knows its user well.

When you watch the same kind of video two or three times, the algorithm starts showing you the same kind of videos constantly this time.

For example, if you like funny videos and you never get tired of it, the application gives you what you want and you leave here happy. Because an application that you enter to have fun and smile meets your expectations in this way.

Although ads are in the majority of stories right now, at least there is no situation that covers the screen.

The most annoying situation for users is perhaps the lack of the Skip ad feature in a video they are watching.

Instagram provides both a more social environment and the opportunity to earn money with the possibility of live broadcasting. It is also possible to gain followers with reels videos that bring high views.


Apart from the old chat programs, we think it is the oldest social media site.

At first, it was a social media site used by young people, but over time, older users began to use it.

Facebook has changed a lot over time. Later, features such as pages and groups were added.

Many celebrities, who often want to publish long posts, continue to actively use their Facebook pages.

We can say that female users using the platform are more satisfied with the pages feature.

The posts of many pages such as behind tomorrow stories, recipes, health, fashion are still receiving great attention and are eagerly awaited.

It is still the most favorite social media site and the most widely used medium.

Like every social media site, Facebook has its good and bad sides.

If we consider the good aspects, the communication speed is more than a phone, for example, it is no longer necessary to go door to door for wedding invitations. Of course, the tradition is a little contrary to the customs, but it is very suitable for the communication of the new generation. 

There are many pages that publish current news.

Since it is a site where more family friends are added, users are jealous of each other from time to time or make shares to crack each other. With this aspect, it creates interesting effects in society. 

If we take into account the bad aspects!

He is weak at filtering out fake news. For this reason, users are constantly in doubt about whether they will believe the news that appears in front of them.

The fact that the most accurate information is the information you see with your own eyes will never change. Perhaps the most correct thing is to learn by living, seeing, or even correctly understanding what you see.


An application that has joined the social media caravan for more entertainment purposes.

In the right hands and a beautiful progressive platform really.

All of the other social media sites are almost trying to look like TikTok right now.

There are interesting talents on the platform that have not surfaced.

In this application, exquisite sounds that we can't get enough of listening to, magnificent acting that we can't stop watching, can come across. 

It has managed to become a place that can erase the imposition of 'geography is destiny' on young talents that we say 'will do very well if discovered'. If only it hadn't fallen into the wrong hands! Now you will say, 'You were telling it well, where did this come from?'Isn't that how a lot of places are in real life anyway? We get to know someone and we say, 'what a nice person, why didn't I know him before'. Then we'll see if the biggest wounds are opened with it. Our backs, on which we were leaning, were suddenly riddled with holes. We can also call this platform that.

We can say that it has turned from a place where young people have fun freely to a place that legitimizes cheating on each other, shooting friends in the back, going against family and teachers.

young people who are 15 - 16 years old, who can be called children, who are not even considered adults legally, have aesthetics done here just because others want to please themselves. Is there a name for this in medicine, or do aestheticians who do this to these children under the age of 18 have a place in medicine? Suspicious!

As long as we do not use social media correctly, our young people will continue to disappear in their bodies, murders, beatings, deceptions will continue to become legitimate. Who knows, maybe social media should be restricted.


It is one of the most bonkers social media applications that has been rising the fastest in recent times. It is almost the same as TikTok, but there are some advantages.

Especially because it is a new application, the opportunities it offers to its members are quite a lot.

Kwai occasionally posts videos of its members on its official account, as well as follows them.

Thus, the member feels more special than in other applications.

Short and vertical videos can be broadcast live at the same time in the application published.

Especially in the short and vertical video format, social media sites have recently entered a big race.

Although YouTube has been launching the shorts application for a year or two, it has not been very successful, but Kwai has managed to push his competitors quite hard in this regard.

Although it looks like an imitation of TikTok, it is not.

The company is doing huge advertising campaigns to reach more users. 

It can also be entered from a desktop computer, but for now it seems almost impossible to use it from a computer. This aspect can be criticized.

When viewed as a viewer, it cannot be said that it is as colorful as TikTok for now. For those who want to participate as a content producer, there are quite good opportunities.

In Kwai, you can be both a viewer and a content producer who earns money at the same time. If you wish, you can earn money not only by watching videos, but also by publishing videos.

The best feature is that when you invite your friends to download the application with a link specially prepared for you, they pay you the number of people you invite. There is more. Pay October extra if the friends you invite spend time at Kwai and watch videos. We definitely recommend this application to you.

If you want to earn money from Kwai, you can click on this link with your phone and become a member.

==> Download Kwai

We want you to know that it is a completely safe application.


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