3 Beautiful Movies That We Recommend You to Watch - Movie Advice

 In this article, we will offer you 3 movie recommendations. We will give detailed information about these 3 films. If you also have movie recommendations, you can write in the comments section of our article. 

1- Pek Yakında

The first movie we recommend you to watch is the movie Pek Yakında. Although Cem Yılmaz's films are generally well-known films, this film is a film that many people don't know much about. It is not possible to watch all of it on YouTube, but it can be watched on various digital platforms by paying very small fees. This film is perhaps the best film Cem Yılmaz has made in the field of drama and comedy. It's a great movie that makes us think while making us laugh, on the one hand, it takes us back to the old days. Comedy, love, illegal life, people who sacrifice everything to be able to do something, sacrifices, friendships, all are processed in this film. We would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. Especially the actor Zafer Algöz, who portrays the character of Ahben in the film, shows a great acting. In the same way, Çağlar Çorumlu, who portrays his Zeki character, exhibits a legendary acting. The other actors are also legendary actors from each other. Even Cem Yılmaz's brother plays in the movie. We definitely recommend that you watch this movie. Believe me, after watching it, you will return and watch this movie again and again. 

2- Zübük

Secondly, the film that we will recommend and that you will enjoy watching is Kemal Sunal's Zübük film. Kemal Sunal plays a vested interest politician who uses politics for religion for the sake of his interests, commits all kinds of theft, plays with people's emotions in this film. Kemal Sunal takes the lead role in the film with the role of Zübükzade Ibrahim. We definitely recommend that you watch this movie. A film that makes you think as much as it makes you laugh and see the future. The film is a movie made in the 80s, but it is a movie that has seen the 2020s very well. You will understand this when you watch. 

3 - Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım

The third film we would recommend is the movie 'Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım'.  This movie takes us back to the past. in the film, shot in 1977, the purity of the characters attracts attention. It is about a love story set in a time when technology was not yet very advanced. There are two hearts in this film that meet only by chance when a car crashes. At the end of this love, the fact that the Asian character stays in the stream every once in a while or chooses Decency makes people think deeply. There is something about this movie that most people don't know. The person playing the boy character playing the child character was actually a girl. For some unknown reason, such a situation occurred because they could not find a boy while filming at that time. You should definitely watch this film by Türkan Şoray, nicknamed Sultan, and the living legend Kadir İnanır.


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