YAZGI Series Cast - Actors and Subject- Turkish new daily series 2022

 Who are the Yazgı series actors? What is the subject? What names are in the cast? When will the Yazgı series start and on which channel? The answers to all these questions are curious. Here are all the details about the Yazgı series.

the 2022 - 2023 series season has started with new series. Television channels and digital platforms are Deciphering their new projects one after another. The TV8 television channel, which hosts the most popular productions such as MasterChef and Survivor, continues to make a name for itself with new series projects. The channel, which offers more entertainment-style content to its audience, has also started to make a name for itself with the series it broadcasts. The channel, which previously put on the air a daily series called Canım Annem, is now including a new daily series called Yazgı in the broadcast stream. The cast of TV8's new series, which will compete in the daily series category with Kanal D and Kanal 7, has been clarified.

Produced by Acun Media, starring Erkan Meriç, Yağmur Öztürk, Alper Türedi, Elvan Boran, Ceren Yavuz, Numan Çakır, Buket Dereoğlu, Halil İbrahim Yilmaz, Hülya Diken, Cem Baza, Ufuk Kaplan and Yasemin Öztürk, directed by Hakan Şahin and Filiz Polat Turan, and written by İbrahim Güler, Melek Ordu, Erdal Bektaş, Pınar Ordu, Evren E. Ulucan, Tufan Bora, Gülseren Aydın, Ali Göğebakan and Yaşar Aksu's “Yazgı” will soon meet the audience on TV8 screens.

The “Yazgı”, in which the conflicts between the characters and the secrets revealed will be Deciphered, will bear many traces from our past and family.

"Yazgı" is soon on TV8 every weekday.


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