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 TV series and movies starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. Who is he and where is he from? How old is he? Age, height, weight, zodiac sign, wife, son. Biography article containing information about his life. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook address.

Who is Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ?

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is a Turkish actor, model and former basketball player.

in 2002, he announced her name with the selection of the Best Model of Turkey and then the Best Model of the World.

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Height,Weight, Wife, Son

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, who is a Scorpio, is 1.87 meters tall and 77 kg.

He has been married to style consultant Başak Dizer since February 19, 2016. The couple has a son named Kurt Efe Tatlıtuğ.

The Age of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

He was born on October 27, 1983 in Adana as the son of Erdem and Nurten Tatlıtuğ.

He has two sisters and two brothers. Melisa Tatlıtuğ, Ipek Tatlıtuğ, Cem Tatlıtuğ and Tugay Tatlıtuğ.

Where is Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Originally From?

He is of Albanian and Bosniak descent on his father's side and Edirne on his mother's side.

He completed secondary school at Yenice Private Age High School in Adana. in 1997, when his father underwent heart surgery, he moved to Istanbul with his family. He graduated from Istanbul Kalamış High School. He graduated from Istanbul Kültür University Communication Design Cinema Acting Department.

While in Adana, he played basketball in clubs such as ”Fiskobirlik“, ”Güney Sanayi“, ”Çukurova Club“, ”Devlet Su Işleri“ and ”Tarsus American Club". He played there for 2 years when an offer came from Ülkerspor. Then he played for 1 year in Besiktas and 1 year in Fenerbahce. Returning to Beşiktaş again, Tatlıtuğ's basketball career came to an end after he was injured during training.

It was the modeling advertisement that her mother saw in the window of a grocery store that started her modeling career. Her mother sent a photo of her to the company, and so she stepped into modeling. Since he liked this profession, he evaluated the offers that followed and became a model in a professional sense.

After working with agencies for two years, he participated in the 2002 Best Model of Turkey modeling contest and won first place. Thus, he was eligible to participate in the Best Model of the World in the same year. Tatlıtuğ, who also won the Best Model of the World competition in which he participated, has now become a well-known name in the international community.

With the offer from the French modeling agency Success, he settled in Paris and lived there for 1.5 years. Tatlıtuğ, who learned that many TV series offers were coming while he was living in Paris, returned to Turkey to evaluate the offers since he has been interested in cinema and television since he was a little boy. She received acting education from Okan Bayülgen and State Theater actress Laçin Ceylan.

Series And Movies

His acting career at the “Gümüş” Series, followed by, respectively; “Menekşe and Halil” in the array “Halil”, “Amerikalılar Karadeniz’de” in the film “Muzaffer”, “Aşk-ı Memnu” series “Behlül”, “Ezel” as a guest actress in the series “Sekiz”, “Kuzey Güney” series “Kuzey”, “Kelebeğin Rüyası” in the movie “Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu“, “Kurt Seyit ve Şura” series “Kurt Seyit”, “Cesur ve Güzel” series “Cesur”, “Hadi Be Oğlum,” the movie “Ali,” “Çarpışma” series of “Kadir Adalı “Organize İşler 2“ in the movie “Saruhan” character by acting out continued.

Tatlıtuğ also guest starred as Arman in the Belgian TV series Into the Night, which was broadcast on the Netflix platform, and played the character of Arman in the TV series “Yakamoz S-245”, which was broadcast on Netflix.

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, who met the audience with the character of “Saruhan Zincir” in the film “Organize İşler Sazan Sarmalı”, which was released in February 2019, played the character of “Kadir Adalı” in the TV series “Çarpışma”.

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ's Netflix film Last Call For Istanbul (İstanbul İçin Son Çağrı), starring Beren Saat, will be released soon. In addition, the famous actor will soon take the lead role in the series Kral Kaybederse.

By this time, 36. Golden Butterfly Awards (2009), 17. Sadri Alışık Theater and Film Actor Awards (2012), 39. Golden Butterfly Awards (2012), 18. MGD Golden Lens Awards (2012) and 46. He was the winner of the “Best Actor” award at the Siyad Awards (2014).

44 in 2017.He received the “Those Who Create Their Own Miracle” award at the Golden Butterfly Awards, the “Men's Brand Face” award at the Marketing Turkey awards in 2018, and the 24th in 2019.Sadri Alışık received the “Most Successful Actor of the Year” award in the Comedy category at the Theater and Film Actor Awards and finally the 24th. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, who received the “Film Actor of the Year” award at the MGD Golden Lens Awards, was also awarded the “Best Actor” award by many universities, educational and public institutions.

Social Media Accounts

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is the “Goodwill Ambassador” of UNICEF. The successful actor, known in different countries of the world, has a huge fan base. Facebook September 16, 2022, the official Twitter account has 1 million 700 thousand followers, the Facebook page has 2 million 800 thousand followers, Instagram account has 3 million 900 thousand followers. Twitter address kivanctatlitug Facebook address kivanctatlitug Instagram address kivanctatlitug

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Movies

2007 / Amerikalılar Karadeniz'de 2 - Muzaffer

2010 / Oyuncak Hikâyesi 3 - Ken (Seslendirme)

2013 / Kelebeğin Rüyası - Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu

2018 / Hadi Be Oğlum - Ali Kaptan

2018 / Organize İşler 2: Sazan Sarmalı - Sarı Saruhan

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Series

2005-2007 / Gümüş - Mehmet Şadoğlu

2007-2008 / Menekşe ile Halil - Halil Tuğlu

2008-2010 / Aşk-ı Memnu - Behlül Haznedar

2010 / Ezel - Sekiz

2011-2013 / Kuzey Güney - Kuzey Tekinoğlu

2014 / Kurt Seyit ve Şura - Kurt Seyit

2016-2017 / Cesur ve Güzel - Cesur Alemdaroğlu Karahasanoğlu

2018-2019 / Çarpışma - Kadir Adalı

Soon / Kral Kaybederse - Kenan

Internet Series And Movies

2021 / Into the Night - Arman

2022 / Yakamoz S-245

2022 / Âşıklar Bayramı - Avukat Yusuf

Soon / Nuh Boğuldu

Soon / Last Call For İstanbul - Mehmet


2002 - Best Model of Turkey

2002 - Best Model of the World

2009 - Galatasaray University / Best Actor / Aşk-ı Memnu

2009 - Istek Özel Semiha Şakir Lisesi / Best Actor /Aşk-ı Memnu

2009 - Istanbul Aydin University / Best Actor /Aşk-ı Memnu

2009 - Beykent University / Best Actor / Aşk-ı Memnu

2008/2009 – 36.Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Actor / Aşk-ı Memnu

2010 - Elle Style Awards / Actor with Style /Aşk-ı Memnu

2011 – 10. Yildiz Technical University /Best Actor / Kuzey Güney

2011 - Radio Television Journalists Association (RTGD Oscar) / Actor of the Year/ Kuzey Güney

2012 - Galatasaray University Business Club / Best Male TV Series Player of the Year / Kuzey Güney

2011/2012 – 39.Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Actor / Kuzey Güney

2011/2012 – 11. ROTABEST Awards / Best Male TV Series Actor of the Year/ Kuzey Güney

2011/2012 - Esenler Municipality / Best Male TV Series Actor / Kuzey Güney

2012 - Burç Anadolu Communication Vocational High School Awards / Best Actor / Kuzey Güney

2012 - Quality of Magazine /Top Quality Actor / Kuzey Güney

2012 - Çanakkale Oneşik March University / Most Acclaimed TV Series Artist / Kuzey Güney

2012 - MGD 18. Golden Lens Awards / Best Drama Series Actor of the Year / Kuzey Güney

2012/2013 – 11. Yıldız Technical University / Most Admired Male TV Series Actor / Kuzey Güney

2013 – 20.ITU EMÖS Achievement Awards / Most Successful Actor of the Year / Kuzey Güney

2013 - Yeditepe University Dilek Awards / Best Actor / Kuzey Güney

2013 – The Best Awards / Best Actor /Kuzey Güney

2013 - MGD 19. Golden Lens Awards / Best Male Film Actor/ Butterfly's Dream

2013 – 18. Sadri Alışık Film and Theater Actor Awards/Most Successful Actor of the Year / Kelebeğin Rüyası

2013 - MEF High School Year's Difference-Making Awards / Difference-Making Actor / Kelebeğin Rüyası

2014 - Milliyet Sanat Magazine Readers / Best Actor / Kelebeğin Rüyası

2014 – 46. Cinema Writers Association Awards /Best Actor/ Kelebeğin Rüyası

2016 - GQ Turkey Awards / Best Actor / Cesur ve Güzel

2017 – The Best Awards / The Best TV Series Couple (Çavuş – Sühan) / Cesur ve Güzel

2017 - Sayidaty Magazine / Best Actor/ Cesur ve Güzel

2017 - Seoul International Drama Awards / Silver Dove Award for Best Drama Series/ Cesur ve Güzel

2017 - Dubai International Arab Festival / The Most Suitable Screen Couple/ Cesur ve Güzel

2017 – 44.Golden Butterfly Awards /Those Who Create Their Own Miracle

2018 - ISTANBUL Kültür University (IKU) Career Honorary Awards / The Most Acclaimed Male Film Actor of the Year / Hadi Be Oğlum

2018 – 2. Bosphorus Awards / Best Actor / Hadi Be Oğlum

2018 - DORinsight (Online research company with the largest permit database in Turkey) /Best Actor of the Year / Çarpışma

2018 – 17. Yıldız Technical University /Most Admired Male TV Series Actor/ Çarpışma

2019 - MEF High School Year's Making a Difference Awards / Making a Difference Actor / Çarpışma

2019 – 13. Galatasaray University TOP Awards / Best Male TV Series / Movie Actor of the Year / Collision / Hadi Be Oğlum

2019 – 24. Sadri Alışık Theater and Cinema Actor Awards / The Most Successful Actor of the Year in the Comedy Category /Organize İşler Sazan Sarmalı

2019 - Seoul International Drama Awards / Best Drama Series (Silver Award)/ Collision

2020 - Altınyıldız Classics Stars of the Year Awards / The Most Acclaimed Male TV Series Actor of 2019


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