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 Where is İsmail Hacıoğlu originally from? Movies and TV series in which he starred. Who is the girlfriend? Age, height, zodiac sign, weight. Who is İsmail Hacıoğlu? How old is? Biography article containing information about his life. Instagram address.

Where is İsmail Hacıoğlu From? Height Weight Sign

İsmail Hacıoğlu is a Turkish TV series and film actor.

He is originally an immigrant from Bulgaria.

İsmail Hacıoğlu, who is from the sign of Sagittarius, is 1.86 meters tall and 72 kg.

İsmail Hacıoğlu Girlfriend, Family

His father is the former Fenerbahçe football player Mehmet Hacıoğlu nicknamed Bulgar Mehmet.

He has a sister named Kardelen Hacıoğlu.

İsmail Hacıoğlu has had two marriages.

Vildan Atasever got married in 2010 and separated in 2015.

he has a daughter named Yemin born in 2016 from his marriage with Duygu Kaya, whom he married in 2016. He and Duygu Kaya divorced in 2020. Nowadays, his girlfriend is actress Aslıhan Gürbüz.

How Old is İsmail Hacıoğlu?

He was born on November 30, 1985 in İstanbul.

Elementary school to acting 5. he started by acting in plays when he was in class.

He studied acting at the Theater Department of the Müjdat Gezen Art Center. Then he won the Theater Department of Mimar Sinan University, the State Conservatory, but left school in his first year. With the support of his father, he was making his allowance by dubbing in 1997. After receiving theater education for a while, he took part in theater plays as an amateur. He continued to perform in theater plays for two seasons. He starred in a play called 'Dokuz Ay Son Gün'. Then he did external voice acting in commercial films. He interrupted his university studies, as he focused more on his acting career.

Series And Movies

He made his debut in front of the camera with the motion picture ‘Bana Şans Dile’.

He had his first series acting experience in 2002 by portraying the character Ali in the series Koçum Benim.

He attracted attention with the character of ’Ozan Kozan‘, whom he portrayed in the series ’Bir Istanbul Masalı'.

In 2002, he played the character of Osman in the motion picture Karşılaşma, directed by Ömer Kavur and written by Macit Koper and prepared by Ömer Kavur. in 2003, he played in the TV series Bir Istanbul Masalı together with actors such as Ahu Türkpençe, Mehmet Aslantuğ, Ozan Güven, Çetin Tekindor, Arsen Gürzap, Vahide Gördem and Altan Erkekli.

Hacıoğlu starred in Kabadayı, a film released in 2007, together with Şener Şen, Kenan Imirzalıoğlu, Aslı Tandoğan, Rasim Öztekin and Tarık Ünlüoğlu, and played the role of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the series Osmanlı Tokadı, which began airing on TRT in April 2013.

Ismail Hacıoğlu, who gave life to the character of Mehmet Sipahi in the Kafes film in 2015, took the lead role in the film Ayla, in which names such as Lee Kyung Jin, Ali Atay, Damla Sönmez, Murat Yıldırım took part in 2017.

40 for his performance in the 2003 film Karşılaşma. He won the “Promising Young Actor Award” at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. 16 for his performance in the 2010 film The Çakal. He was awarded the Best Actor Award at the Sadri Alışık Awards.

The famous actor is currently starring in the Mahkum series, which is being broadcast on the FOX TV television channel, and portrays two characters at the same time. He gives life to the characters of Savaş Yesari and Barış Yesari in the series. The successful actor Abdullah Bulut continues to take part in new projects within the management agency.

Who is the Mahkum - Barış Yesari?

they were born in New York in '87, earning an American passport... the identical twin sons of Zahit Yesari, one of the 100 richest businessmen in Europe according to the Forbes list ... Zahit named the one who cried in the incubator War, the one who laughed Peace. After elementary school, they both won Robert College. While Peace was a much more successful student than War in the first years, Peace turned into the number one punk of the school with adolescence. War, on the other hand, finished school with a high average and won Yale's exams. While the two sons of Turkey's construction giant Yesariler were going to grow up for the new generation, Peace left the university in the sixth month in America and began hanging out in the most lively environments in America... While War was studying day and night to finish Yale, Peace was constantly traveling, dusting off, partying. He was interested in art. Savaş Decamped from school at that time and returned to Istanbul and joined the management staff of the company. Life was all about choices, and their choices turned twin brothers with identical DNA into completely different people... If war was white, Peace was black…

Barış fell in love with Büge, but Zahit married Büge to Savaş. The real father of Büge's son Zahit Can is Barış. Zahit entrusts Yesari Holding to Savaş and Barış gets angry at this situation. Peace kills a woman. Therefore, he says that there is no other possibility that he should surrender to Peace. Peace knocks out War with a drinking bottle. He takes it out on the terrace to make it look like a suicide. War 25. he comes to his senses when he is about to fall down from the floor and clings to the side of the building. However, he can't take it anymore and falls down. 24 And 23 while falling. he hits the walls of the floor, but does not die and is taken to the hospital. In the hospital, he cannot be saved and dies. Before he dies, he tells Euphrates that he is a War. After the war dies, Peace replaces the War. He worked with the Signor. 20. in the episode, his mother Tomris and his father Zahit are killed. He was depressed for a while. He sees several episodes of the War as hallucinations. Büge sold him to the police. 22. the department begins to be searched within the country. 23 Because all credit cards are blocked. in the episode, he robs his own bank. He later escapes with Sasha into a forest. The signor tells him that Zahit killed his mother. Just as the Signor is about to shoot him, Rafi saves him. The next day, he kidnaps Zahit on his way to the courthouse and is captured by Fırat just as he was going to bury him alive and kill him. By a court decision, it is determined that he is mentally ill and he is placed in a mental hospital. With the help of Sasha and Rafi, they escape from there. Euphrates and Derya also come after him. After getting out of the car, Euphrates catches him on a cliff. Büge tells her that she is pregnant and thus extends her hands to the Euphrates to show that she will surrender. Fırat pushes him to the rocks just as he is putting handcuffs on him. Just as he is about to throw her into the sea, they both fall into the sea together. 24. in the last scene of the episode, he is seen playing the piano on a beach.

Ismail Hacıoğlu has a very big fan base. As of September 16, 2022, he has 953,000 followers on her official Instagram account. Instagram address ismailhaciogluofficial


2003 – 40. Antalya Film Festival - Promising Young Actor (Karşılaşma)

2003 – 15. Ankara Film Festival - Mehmet Emin Toprak Promising New Actor (Karşılaşma)

2003 – 25. Siyad Turkish Cinema Awards - Promising Artist of the Year (Karşılaşma)

2004 – 11. ÇASOD ”Best Actor" Awards – Promising Actor (Karşılaşma)

2009 – 20.Ankara Film Festival - Best Supporting Actor (Gökten Üç Elma Düştü)

2011 – 16. Sadri Alışık Awards ”Best actor of the year" Çakal (film– - Erhan Kozan

Ismail Hacıoğlu Films

2001 / Bana Şans Dile - Çağlar

2003 / Karşılaşma - Osman

2005 / Anlat İstanbul - Fiko

2006 / Sınav - Mert

2007 / Kabadayı - Murat

2008 / Hoşçakal Güzin - Serkan

2009 / Vali - Sarp Uçar

2009 / Gökten Üç Elma Düştü - Ali

2009 / Başka Semtin Çocukları - Veysel

2009 / Sonsuz Bir An - Volkan

2010 / Çakal - Akın

2011 / Sinyora Enrica ile İtalyan Olmak - Ekin

2013 / Meryem - Murat

2015 / Sonsuz Bir Aşk - Volkan

2015 / Kafes - Mehmet Sipahi

2016 / Mahrumlar - Kutlu

2017 / Ayla - Süleyman Dilbirliği

2019 / Cep Herkülü: Naim Süleymanoğlu - Mehmet Tunç

2019 / Şuursuz Aşk - Yusuf

2019 / Türk İşi Dondurma - Kaptan

2022 / Kesişme: İyi ki Varsın Eren - Ferhat Gedik

2023 / 49 - Oğuz

İsmail Hacıoğlu Series

2002 / Koçum Benim - Ali

2003-2005 / Bir İstanbul Masalı - Ozan Kozan

2005-2007 / Beyaz Gelincik - Mehmet Ali Aslanbaş

2007 / Sinekli Bakkal - Onur

2008-2009 / Gece Sesleri - Yağız Haksever

2011 / Şüphe - Aziz Kutlu

2011-2012 / Firar - Civan

2013-2014 / Osmanlı Tokadı - II. Mehmed

2015 / Zeyrek ile Çeyrek - Meftun

2016 / Kayıp İnci - Cemal

2017 / Kayıtdışı - Nejat Ateş

2018-2019 / Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare - Üsküplü Ali

2019-2020 / Çocuk - Hasan Çetin

2020 / Zümrüdüanka - Cihan Gürtuna

2021 / Mahkum - Barış Yesari

Internet Series

2021 / Hükümsüz - Selim (Exxen)

Soon / Ölüm Kime Yakışır (TV+)


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