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 Who is Hande Ataizi? How old is she? Where is she originally from? Who is the boyfriend? Series and films in which she starred. Height, weight, zodiac sign. Biography article containing information about his life. Who is the Cana in Camdaki Kız series? His real name.

Who is Hande Ataizi? how old is she?

Hande Ataizi is a Turkish theater, TV and film actress. Has been the announcer at the same time.

Her full name is Ayşe Hande Ataizi.

She was born on September 2, 1973 in Bursa.

Who Is The Boyfriend?

Fethi Pekin married in 2004 and divorced in 2004. she married Benjamin Harvey in 2012 and divorced in 2018. She has a son named "Aslan Leon Harvey". Today, her lover is Dinç Aydoğdu

His Family

His father is Mehmet Ali Ataizi, his mother is Nermin Çelen. His brother Sinan Çelen.

His father, Mehmet Ali Ataizi, is an architect, and his mother, Nermin Çelen, is a professor at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Uludağ University.

When Hande Ataizi was three years old, her parents separated. Hadi Çelen, who has been Hande's stepfather since the age of three, is a civil engineer in Bursa. She has a brother named Sinan, who is from his stepfather.

From where? Height Weight Sign

The actress from Bursa, who is from the sign of Virgo, is 1.69 meters tall and 53 kg.

Hande Ataizi Biography

She completed his primary and secondary education in Bursa. She graduated from the Theater Department of Istanbul University State Conservatory. In 1996, she became famous for the film Mum Kokulu Kadınlar and received the Golden Orange Award for Best Actress for her acting performance in her first film. She increased his nationwide recognition with the series Ruhsar, which started broadcasting in 1998.

7 Of Turkey. President Kenan Evren took Ataizi as a model in one of his nude works. 5 in 2002. Evren, who opened the Personal Painting Exhibition, put the painting he made by modeling Ataizi up for sale, and Ataizi also participated in the exhibition.

Hande Ataizi took part in many TV series, film and show program projects with Cem Davran and they became one of the important duos in the art world. Ataizi had been at the top of the magazine agenda for a very long time when the model Sevda Demirel slapped him in the program 'İki Kere Kiki', which he presented with Cem Davran in 2002.

She has also signed unforgettable scandals of the Turkish magazine, such as being viewed by the paparazzi while trying to escape from the toilet window of his place to avoid showing the aesthetic surgery she had on his nose to journalists, and attacking a magazine reporter who tried to forcibly take an image of him with an umbrella.

In addition to his successful acting performances in movies and TV series, she has also hosted many television programs. Ataizi is also a successful theater actress. She played with Cihan Ünal in the theater play Özel Hayatlar.

In 2011, she presented Dest-i Izdivaç, which was broadcast on TNT.

in 2012, she was a member of the jury together with Seyfi Dursunoğlu and Erol Evgin in the contest called 'Benzemez Kimse Sana', which was broadcast on Star TV. After this program, she entered the world house with American TV personality Benjamin Harvey, and her son Aslan Leon was born from this marriage in 2014. The couple divorced in 2018.

In 2015, she played the lead role in the television series Hayat Mucizelere Gebe, which is an adaptation of the Jane The Virgin series.

In 2017, she took over the hosting of two daytime generation television programs.

In 2018, she gave life to a transgender person in the motion picture Hilal Feza ve Diğer Gezegenler directed by Kutluğ Ataman. The film has not been released yet. Immediately after that, she played an agent in the TV series Alya, starring Edis Görgülü, but the series has not yet been broadcast on digital platforms.

Currently, she plays the character of Cana Yalçın in the TV series The Camdaki Kız, which is broadcast on Kanal D. Ataizi, who returned to television after many years, receives positive reactions thanks to his acting performance in this series and often comes up on the agenda. Gülistan Tartar is the manager of Hande Ataizi. As of September 18, 2022, she has 483,000 followers on his official Instagam account. Instagram address handeataizi

Who is Cana - Camdaki Kız?

She is the daughter of one of the most famous businessmen in the country. She is married and has two sons. Cana is a cheerful woman who can take everything on a wave, is positive and has her own perspective on all events.

She is the daughter of a family friend of the Koroglu family. Although she is married and has children, she is in forbidden love with her childhood friend Sedat and is pregnant with Sedat.

Hande Ataizi Films

1996 / Mum Kokulu Kadınlar - Belkıs

1999 / Kahpe Bizans - Mağdure Bacı

2000 / Melekler Evi - Arzuhan Öztürk

2007 / Çılgın Dersane - Yıldız

Hande Ataizi Series

1993 / Yaz Evi - Gülçiçek

1995 / Sahte Dünyalar - Handan Karadağ

1996 / Kaldırım Çiçeği - Ayla

1997 / Hande ile Açık Açık

1998 / Ruhsar - Ruhsar

1998 / Böyle mi Olacaktı - Gül Tanrıyar

1998 / Yüzleşme - Nurgül/İnci

2000 / Hande Ataizi Show

2001 / İki Kere Kiki

2002 / Anne Babamla Evlensene - Sema

2002 / Vaka-i Zaptiye - Bihter

2022 / Bayanlar Baylar - Şahane

2003 / Estağfurullah Yokuşu - Gazel

2004 / Melekler Adası - Zinnur/Şerbet/Alev

2005 / ATV'de Ayda Bir - Hande Ataizi ile En Çekici

2006 / Sev Kardeşim - Yüksel Atak

2006 / Bunu Yayında Söyle

2007 / Showtime

2007 / Buzda Dans

2007 / Kara Duvak - Süreyya/Handan

2008 / Ece - Ece

2008 / Eşimle Başım Dertte

2009 / Yaş 15

2010 / Karışık Aile

2011 / Dest-i İzdivaç

2012 / İzdivaç

2012 / Benzemez Kimse Sana

2013 / Altındağlı - Jale Karamanlı

2015 / En Sevdiğim 3 Şarkı - Kendisi

2015-2016 / Hayat Mucizelere Gebe - Süheyla

2017 / Sen İste Yeter 

2017/ Hande Ataizi ile (Sony Channel)

2021 / Alya Vol 1 - Leman

2021 / Camdaki Kız - Cana Yalçın


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