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 Who is the Furkan Kalabalık? Series and films in which he starred. How old is he? Where is he originally from? Age, height, weight, zodiac sign. Biography article containing information about his life. Twitter and Instagram address. Who is the Bekir in the Mahkum series? His real name.

Who is the Furkan Kalabalık? From where? how old is he?

Furkan Kalabalık is a Turkish advertising, theater, TV and film actor.

He was born on April 24, 1993 in Gölcük district of Kocaeli.

Her mother's side is from Izmit, her father's side is from Değirmendere.

Height Weight Sign

After completing the kindergarten period in Kocaeli, he went to Marmaris and Ankara because his father was a petty officer.

They returned to Kocaeli near the end of their high school education.

While in Ankara during his middle and high school years, he shot, wrote, directed short films and participated in competitions.

He attended high school at Izmit Gazi High School.

He graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory Theater Department.

He has played football in the Gençlerbirliği in the past.

Furkan Kalabalık is 1.78 meters tall, 73 kilos and a Taurus.

He can play bass guitar, guitar and piano.

Furkan Kalabalık Series And Films

Furkan Kalabalık, who has appeared in Petlas, Vodafone, Mavi commercials, has performed in the theater plays Ebedi Barış, Hayvan Çiftliği, Cadı Kazanı.

She experienced her first film experience with the film Ailemle Tanış, and her first TV series acting experience with the series İstanbullu Gelin.

The successful actor, who also played in the film Aşkın Gören Gözlere İhtiyacı Yok, continued his career with the series Dudullu Postası, Çarpışma, Yeni Hayat, Menajerimi Ara, Sıcak Kafa. He gives life to the character of Bekir in the Mahkum series, which is currently being broadcast on the FOX television channel. He continues to take part in new projects within the Icon Talent management agency. He uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on social media. As of September 17, 2022, he has 24,300 followers on her Instagram account. Twitter address furkankalabalik Instagram address furkankalabalik

Who is the Mahkum Series Bekir?

Bekir is the character portrayed by Furkan Kalabalık in the Mahkum series.

Zeynep's brother. He believes that Fırat killed Nazlı and Zeynep. After seeing some evidence, he begins to believe in Euphrates. 7. in the episode, he helps Fırat to untie his handcuffs and find Nazlı. 11. in the episode, Fırat is suspended after escaping from prison. He goes to Euphrates and believes and helps him to the end. 23. in the episode, he is taken hostage by Sasha. He started to work next to the Euphrates.

TV Series And Movies Starring Furkan Kalabalık

2021 – Sıcak Kafa (İnternet Series)

2021 – Mahkum (Bekir) (TV Series)

2021 – Ex Aşkım (Bulut) (İnternet Series)

2021 – Menajerimi Ara (Mehmet, TV Series 2021)

2020 – James Potter Ve Kılıcın Varisi (Vortigern) (Short Movie)

2020 – Yeni Hayat (Fatih Yılmaz) (TV Series)

2019 – Çarpışma (Adem) (TV Series)

2018 – Dudullu Postası (Tiki) (TV Series)

2017 – Ailemle Tanış (Movie)

2017 – Aşkın Gören Gözlere İhtiyacı Yok (Movie)

2017 – İstanbullu Gelin (Koray) (TV Series)

Theater Games

Ebedi Barış

Hayvan Çiftliği

Cadı Kazanı

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