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 Kerem Bürsin height, weight, zodiac sign. How old is he? Who is his mother, father, brother? Series and films in which he starred. Biography article containing information about his life. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram address.

Who is Kerem Bürsin? The Mother Who Is The Father?

Kerem Bürsin is a Turkish theater, TV and film actor. He is also a producer and model.

Turkish English and Turkish acting in Hollywood-Turkish productions with dual language.

His father is Pamir Bürsin, his mother is Çiğdem Bürsin. Her sister is Melis Bürsin.

Kerem Bürsin Height Weight Sign

Kerem Bursin, who is a Gemini, is 1.79 m. tall and 72 kg.

Horse riding, swimming, American football, basketball, tennis, lacrosse are among the sports he loves. Dec.

How Old is Kerem Bürsin? Age

He was born on June 4, 1987 in İstanbul.

His father is an engineer, a senior manager at an international oil company. Due to his father's profession, he moved with his family first to Scotland and then to the USA and settled in Texas.

You're here Kerem, Scotland (Edinburgh), Indonesia (Medan, Jakarta) United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai), Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), USA (Texas, Boston, Los Angeles) lived in countries such as. in 1999, at the age of 12, he settled in the United States with his family.

During his high school years, he formed a rock band with his friends and played many concerts in Texas.

While studying marketing communications at Emerson College Boston, he acted in some of the school's films and theaters. The attention he received there caused him to finish his last semester in Los Angeles by studying acting. He was selected as the best actor in the interscholastic theater competition throughout the USA. Dec.

After receiving acting education from Carolyn Pickman and Eric Morris, Bürsin started acting in Turkey by signing with Gaye Sökmen Agency. Kerem Bürsin received 2 years of acting education from Eric Morris at Eric Morris Technique. French English is fluent in a good degree and French is moderately fluent.

Series And Films In Which He Starred

Kerem Bürsin is known for his roles as ”Kerem Sayer“, who shares the same name in the TV series ”Güneşi Beklerken“, and his deformed twin ”Güneş Sayer", who appeared in the last episodes. Çağan Irmak played the musician Erhan in Unutursam Fısılda the movie. He played the character of “Yiğit Kılıç” in the TV series Şeref Meselesi and was a guest actor in the TV series “Ulan Istanbul” with the same character. He has appeared in the television films ‘Sharktopus’ and ‘Palace of the Damned’ by producer Roger Corman, as well as in some independent films and short films. In the series ’Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek‘, he played the character of ’Ali Smith". in 2018, he gave life to the character of Pilot Captain Onur in the film ’Can Feda". He also took part in the series ’Yaşayamayanlar" in 2018. Kerem Bürsin came to the screens with the series ’Muhteşem İkili" in 2019. He played the character of ‘Mustafa Kerim Can’ in the series. In 2020, he starred in a new generation mini-series called ‘Aynen Aynen’, which she played with Nilperi Şahinkaya, directed by Osman Kaya, produced by Games Media. he gave life to the character of Oflaz in the film ‘Eflatun’, which was shot in the first months of 2020 and has not yet been released. between Dec. 2020 - 2021, he played the character of Serkan Bolat in the series ‘Sen Çal Kapımı’.

Kerem Bürsin Awards

Bürsin was selected as the best actor with his series 'Güneşi Beklerken' at the Media Meeting awards held by Ege University in 2014. Then again Wishes Awards 2014 Best Actor, Best Promising Actor at the 2014 Golden lens Awards, Best Actor awards at the media Kristalfare 2014, 2014 Ege University Awards, Best Actor, News 5, 2014. He received the Best Youth Series Actor award at the Stars of the Year Awards and the Most Acclaimed Male Film Actor award at the 2014 Stars of the Year Awards for the film 'Unutursam Fısılda'. he was deemed worthy of the GQ Turkey Rising Star of the Year award at the GQ night held in 2014. After that, he received the Most Successful Actor award with the film 'Unutursam Fısılda' at the ITU Success Awards in 2015 and the Best TV Series/Movie Actor Award of 2014 with the series 'Şeref Meselesi' at the 2015 GSU TOP Awards. In 2017, he was awarded the Best Actor award at the Seoul International Drama Awards for his performance in the TV series 'Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek'.

Social Media Accounts

Kerem Bürsin has a very large fan base. There are thousands of accounts opened in his name on different platforms in social media. Facebook September 14, 2022, the official Twitter account has 860,300 followers, Facebook page has 1 million 500 thousand followers, Instagram account has 10 million 900 thousand followers. Twitter address kerembursin Facebook address bursinkeremofficial Instagram address thebursin


2006 / Thursday Grauss

2007 / Strawberry Melancholy - Travis

2010 / Wendigo - Andy

2010 / Sharktopus - Andy Flynn

2013 / Palace of the Damned - Adam

2014 / Unutursam Fısılda - Erhan

2018 / İyi Oyun - Rüzgâr

2018 / Can Feda - Kaptan Pilot Onur Keskin

2020 / Eflatun - Oflaz

TV Series

2013-2014 / Güneşi Beklerken - Kerem Sayer/Güneş Sayer (Kanal D)

2014 / Ulan İstanbul - Yiğit Kılıç

2014-2015 / Şeref Meselesi

2017 / Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek - Ali Smith (atv)

2018-2019 / Muhteşem İkili - Mustafa Kerim Can (Kanal D)

2020-2021 / Sen Çal Kapımı - Serkan Bolat (FOX)

Internet Series

2018 / Yaşamayanlar - Dmitry (Blutv)

2020-2021 / Aynen Aynen - Deniz (Blutv)

Theater Plays in which He Took Part

Harold's Fall


The Music Man

Fiddler on The Roof

All out

Featured Ads

El Polo Loco

2013 / Line

2014 / Lipton

2014 / Turkcell Superonline

2015-2016 / Mavi

2016-2017 / Nike

2017 / Garanti Bankası

2018 / Nescafe

2019 / H&M

2019 / Hublot

2020 / Under Armour

2020 / BMW

2021-2022 / Lipton İce Tea

Projects He Produced

Kiss Of Death / Grauss

Kelebekler / Film

Yaşamayanlar / İnternet Series

Awards (Full List)

2014 / 3. Ege University Media Meeting – Best Actor

2014 / Dilek Awards - Best Actor

2014 / 20.Golden lens awards – Best Promising Actress

2014 / 3.Kristalfare Media awards - Best Actor

2014 / Ege University Awards - Best Actor

2014 / Standing Newspaper 5. Stars of the Year Awards – Best Youth Series Actor

2014 / 14. Stars of the Year Awards - Most Acclaimed Male Film Actor

2014 / GQ Turkey - Rising Star of the Year

2015 / 22. ITU Achievement Awards - Most Successful Actor

2015 / GSU EN Awards - Best TV Series/Movie Actor of the year 2014

2017 / Seoul International Drama Awards - Best Actor

2021 / Yıldız Technical University Stars of the Year Awards - Most Acclaimed Male TV Series/ Movie Actor

2021 / 1. Cinemaport Awards - Best Actor in a TV Series

2021 / We Asked the Students Project Awards – The Best Duo

2021 / Golden Wings Digital Content Awards - Best Actor of the Year

2021 / Güzel Awards - Best TV Series Couple - Best Actor

2021 / 10. KTU Media Awards - Best TV Series Couple (Hande & Kerem)

2021 / Istanbul University 7. Golden 61 Awards - Best TV Series Couple (Hande & Kerem)

2021 / 9. Ayaklı Newspaper Awards - Best TV Series Couple (Hande & Kerem– - Best Romantic Comedy Actor

2021 / 47. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards - Best TV Series Couple (Hande & Kerem)

2022 / 7. Turkish Youth Awards - Best Male TV Series Actor


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