Who Is MasterChef's Ayaz Geçer? From where? Instagram Address

 Ayaz Geçer 23 years old. Originally from Siirt. He was born in Silopi, Şırnak.

He has been living in Ankara since the age of 13.

He works in a restaurant in Ankara and is a professional cook.

He stated that he was ridiculed, that he started his profession at the age of 14 in the dishwashing room, that he aimed to become a master when he was an apprentice and to become a champion on Masterchef.

His brother was also busy with the cooking profession and he referred him to this profession.

The kitchen is everything to him. If he started work at eight in the morning and left at twelve, he wouldn't feel tired. When he entered the kitchen, he forgot how much trouble he had.

MasterChef Frosty served lamb back to the chefs in the elimination round. He made eggplant muffins under it.

He impressed the chiefs with a beautiful performance with excellent speed.

Danilo the chef found the plate very good and voted yes.

Mehmet şef and Somer şef likewise found their plate successful and said yes.

Thus, he managed to get to the second round by getting three yes.

Comments that MasterChef Ayaz could go far in the competition have already started to be made on social media.

Instagram Address ayazgecerr


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