Who is MasterChef Onur Biçim, where is he from, how old is he? Profession - Instagram Address

 Who is MasterChef Turkey 2022 contestant Onur Biçim, where is he from, how old is he? Profession, what does he do? Instagram address. An article containing information about.

Onur Biçim participated in the MasterChef Turkey 2022 competition from Antalya by saying ‘I have been absent for 4 seasons, I have come to achieve the difficult this season’.

He is very confident and assertive in the competition. he has stated that he has given everyone a chance in season 4 and that this year is his season.

He is originally from Diyarbakır. He is 24 years old and a professional cook. He worked under pressure in difficult kitchens and came to this day.

He is a regimental chief. from the age of 14, he was constantly in the kitchen. He is currently working in restaurants in Antalya.

During the competition, he emphasized that he is someone who is open to being trained and educated in the profession.

In the first qualifying round, he added his own interpretation of the lamb karski dish, as well as spinach sauté and mushrooms, to the appreciation of the chefs. In the post-tasting voting, Somer chef voted ‘no’ to him. When Danilo şef and Mehmet şef voted 'yes‘, he managed to get two ’yes' votes, put on the white coat and went to the second round. ‘Let my opponents be afraid of me, I come like a bomb,’ he claimed.

The successful contestant uses Instagram on social media.

Instagram Address onurbcm


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