Who is MasterChef Gamze Tosun? how old is she? Profession - Instagram Address

 Who is MasterChef Turkey 2022 contestant Gamze Tosun? How old is she? Profession, What does she do? Instagram address. An article containing information about.

Gamze Tosun is married and has 5 children. MasterChef Turkey is participating in the 2022 competition from Istanbul Arnavutköy.

Gamze Tosun also participated in the competition this year to complete her unfinished story on MasterChef.

In 2021, she also participated in MasterChef, passed the first round, but was eliminated in the second round.

Last year, she prepared a head trotter soup. The chefs had pulled their chairs up next to him and tasted the food.

There have been similar images this year.

The contestant, who is a student of Istanbul University, has improved himself quite a lot this year.

She attended courses and received certificates. She received a cook apprentice certificate in the vocational course of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

She received a 368-hour Turkish Cuisine food certificate in the Ministry of National Education's course.

She tried to make the recipes of the chefs with the ingredients he could reach within his means.

MasterChef's Gamze Tosun has prepared a feast of offal in the first elimination round. The chefs offered mumbar, sirdan, tripe roasting, tongue sauté and brain salad to the taste.

The chefs tasted the dishes he made and found it successful.

She signed his name to the second round by receiving three yeas and wore the white apron.

The successful contestant uses Instagram on social media. She also has a channel on YouTube called Gerçek Yemekler Atölyesi, where she shares recipe videos.

Instagram Address gamzee_tosun

YouTube Address Real Food Workshop


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