Who is Umut Kurt, who portrays the character of Nihat Dinç in the Kusursuz Kiracı series broadcast on the FOX TV television channel, and where is he originally from? TV series and movies in which he has appeared to date. How old is he? Height, zodiac sign and weight. Twitter and Instagram address. Does he have a wife or lover? A biography about who he is. Briefly, his life.

Who is Umut Kurt? Is He Married? Where is He originally from? Sign Height Weight

Umut Kurt is single. His lover is art director Melisa İnci. He is originally from Erzincan.

He loves arabesque music and collecting a lot. A complete animal lover especially loves dogs very much.

A classic car and motorcycle enthusiast. Aries. he is 1.78 tall and weighs 73 kilograms.

Fanatical Besiktas. In fact, the song Dem Ba Ba that he sang for Besiktas has been listened to millions of times on digital platforms.

Umut Kurt Biography

Umut Kurt was born on April 17, 1981 in Erzurum as the first child of Cemal-Sevim Kurt couple.

He has brothers named Can and Aylin.

When he was a 40-day-old baby, his family moved to Kartal, Istanbul. His childhood was spent in Kartal.

Before becoming an actor he worked in many different jobs such as plastering, salesmanship, marketing, animation.

He started his theater career in 1997 as an amateur at the Kartal Art Theater.

He made her debut on the stage at the age of 17 with the theater play “Kadınlara Özgürlük” on March 8, International Working Women's Day.

in 2001, he started studying at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center Conservatory and after graduating in 2005, he joined the Besiktas Cultural Center players.

He started to be known by wide masses with the film 'Beynelmilel' and the TV series 'Hatırla Sevgili'.

To date, he has appeared in many theater plays, motion pictures, musicals and serials.

In addition to acting as a famous name with ten ingenuity on his ten fingers, he also works as an editor, program writer, presenter and business manager.

He is also a musician who has a beautiful voice. He can play bağlama well and sings folk songs.

Umut Kurt, who also works as an assistant in acrobatics and pantomime classes at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center conservatory, is also engaged in sports with a license in football, kick box, basketball and athletics.

17 in 2010.The actor, who was awarded the Promising Actor award for his performance in the film Kavşak at the Adana Golden Cocoon Film Festival, took part in the TV series Payitaht Abdulhamit in 2017. in 2020, he played the character of Hasan Usta in the series Şeref Sözü, which was broadcast on Show TV screens.

He has appeared with the characters of Serdar in the TV series Fatma, Kartal in the TV series Çıplak and Erdem in the TV series Another Self.

Nowadays, Nihat Dinç gives life to his character in the Fox TV series The Kusursuz Kiracı.

Who is the Kusursuz Kiracı Nihat?

He was raised by his mother when his father died early. Because her mother is a tough type, he has been raised under a lot of pressure and focused on success. A simple example of modern man . Living too success-oriented and result-oriented has limited your life a little. He quickly turns to the one who is in demand, to the one who receives applause. Circumstances shape their ideas and feelings quickly. He's the kind of guy who doesn't really question what he wants or whether he really enjoys what he's doing. He cares more about how he looks than how he feels. He regularly does sports, loves her muscles and showing them off in skintight clothes is just like November... He constantly wants to be approved. He loves his wife, but although he has no intention of cheating, he also does not hold back from Decamping to the women he sees around him from time to time. After all, the more he is liked, the better for him.

Theater Plays in Which He Starred

Festen "Kutlama": "Thomas Vinterberg-Mogens Rukov-Bo Hr.Hansen-David Eldridge" - Tiyatro Dot - 2010
Pornografi\Pornography: Simon Stephens - Tiyatro Dot - 2009
Hisseli Harikalar Kumpanyası: Haldun Dormen - BKM - 2007

Movies And TV Shows

Kusursuz Kiracı (2022-) - Nihat Dinç
Zeytin Ağacı (2022) - Erdem
Kuruluş Osman (2022) - Mahmut Paşa
Çıplak (2021) - Kartal
Fatma (2021) - Serdar
Şeref Sözü (2020) - Hasan Usta
Karakomik Filmler 2: Arada (2019) - Önder[1]
Payitaht "Abdülhamid" (2017) - Celal Yüzbaşı
Madımak: Carina'nın Günlüğü (2015) - Hasret Gültekin
İtirazım Var (2014) - Müezzin Efrahim
Beni Böyle Sev (2014) - Mazhar
Tatar Ramazan (2013) - Emir
Biz Babasız Büyüdük (2013) - Alim
Yüksek Giriş (2013)
Çanakkale: Yolun Sonu (2013) - Hasan
Pazarları Hiç Sevmem (2012) - Kerem
Mor Menekşeler (2011) - Ömer Hayali
Babam Sağolsun (2011) - İsmail
Kavşak (2011) - Haydar
Labirent (2011) - Zait
Güneydoğudan Öyküler Önce Vatan (2010) - Oğuz Yılmazer
Gönülçelen (2010) - Cihan
Acemi Müezzin (2009) - Ali
Güz Sancısı (2009) - Ferit
Düğün Şarkıcısı (2008) - Bayram Bülbül
Beynelmilel (2006) - Haydar Arıkan
Bir Demet Tiyatro (2006)
Hatırla Sevgili (2006-2008) - Yaşar Çiftçi oğlu
Organize İşler (2005) - Tabutçu
Acı Hayat (2005) - Kuaför
Kalp Gözü (2004) - Sokaktaki Tinerci
Metropol Kabusu (2003)

Umut Kurt Instagram And Twitter Address

Umut Kurt actively uses social media and at the time of this article, he has 21,300 followers on his Twitter account and 72,000 followers on his blue-click official Instagram account.

Instagram Address umutkurt

Twitter Address umutkurt


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